Jul 14, 2013

J/K FM Summer

Hello everybody^^

Last Sunday I went to J/K FM.
It's a small event organised by some friends. Japanese and Korean music, styles, food, games, small bring and buy and Neo Tokyo stall. Just for meeting people and have a nice time^^

Theme was: summer/beach

This was my outfit:

hat - H&M
dress - H&M
(the metal straps are seperate and from another dress)
shoes - Tally Weijl
accessories - mixed... (selfmade, H&M, Colosseum...)

I just wanted to look as summerly as possible~ haha

OMG~ haha my teeth XD
again a very heavy make up~ but I think it matches the style!
Kiki and me in the small photo location XD
Kiki looked super cute in her Liz Lisa onepiece^^ Suits her a lot! Although she thinks it doesn't match her character.... Who cares^^ It's cute!
with Kukki
and with A-chan <3 (photo taken from A-chan)
Hani was the chef of cooking~
Hanis lovely cocktails <3
the premises
bring and buy
At a raffle/tombola I won two cute mobile phone charms^^
And I bought an old but reduced (4€) Popteen mag (March issue).

It was a nice day and I think it's great that such small events are existing. Organised by fans for fans. Visual kei, Lolita, Otaku, Cosplayer, K-pop lover, gyaru...whatever! People need such events to meet each other! (Although I didn't take photos of the other people there^^°)

bye bye~ chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Wow, echt toll. ^^
Ich finds einfach total schade, dass es nur noch ganz wenige solcher Treffen gibt und leider sind die meistens auch sehr weit weg von mir. T___T

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
danke für den comment^^
ja ich glaube in Berlin ist halt ne ganze Menge los....^^°

mistymysterious said...

Solche kleinen Events finde ich immer noch mit am schönsten, muss ich sagen. :) Klar sind große auch toll, vor allem weil man da ja oft auch die Leute trifft, die man sonst nicht sieht, aber die kleinen Veranstaltungen haben einfach etwas gemütliches, entspanntes an sich. :)
Interessantes schickes Kleid, nebenbei. <3