Jul 6, 2013

Make up, Outfit, new shoes

Hello everybody^^
I'm in the middle of my exams so you might excuse my lack of blogging.... I'm sorry.
But it's weekend and I got some time to prepare a post.

Some weeks??? ago I went shopping with my mom. Nothing special but I was searching for white or light summer shoes.
my outfit:

eye make up
I still loooove my nails <3
I was searching for some shoes with a design that I didn't own until now and I wanted them in white or a really light nude shade.
These were my tries:

great style, chaep but uncomfortable at the peep toe -.- (Street)
sexy style, cheap but too flat at the ball part (need platform) (Street)
Lis Lisa style, cute but strange to walk in and a little more costly (Deichmann)
nice design but too costly and super unfomfortable to walk in (Deichmann)
strange design but very special and cheap and platform and ok. to walk in ^^ (H&M)
So I decided for them ^^
They work really well with casual, sportive street styles! (look a little strange in this photo ^^°)
and I also bought these^^° Super comfy *o*, real leather, 50% reduced prize, YES! ^^
from Deichmann
And I bought at H&M these shorts (5€) and that bracelet (1€).

It was not my size (too small) but thank good I'm a dressmaker XD I altered them and now they fit <3 (you will see it in one of my next posts)
cute and cool black roses ^o^
bye bye~ chu <3


Kirschu said...

Aww, siehst du wieder hübsch aus *o* wie machst du das nur ;-)

Die "LizLisa Style" Schuhe aus dem Deichman hatte ich neulich auch schon in der Hand, bin auch noch auf der Suche nach süßen Wedges, aber für mich waren die leider nichts, ich mag diesen Strap hinten nicht, ich brauch da was mit mehr Halt >.<

Rukipe said...

Heißes Outfit!! :O <3
siehst wunderschön aus, wie immer <3

mistymysterious said...

Tolles Outfit und schönes Augen-Makeup <3

Die Schuhe von H&M hatte ich neulich auch schon anprobiert, standen mir nur leider nicht so gut. Bequem laufen taten sie sich aber wirklich.^^

Toitoitoi für deine Prüfungen. :)

Miya Skellington said...

Wirklich ein tolles Outfit und ich finde auch die Schuhe die du gekauft hast total cool. ^^