Jul 24, 2013

Random update (outfits, hair, gets)

Hello gals <3

This post is just a mixture of what I was doing and buying the last days ^^

The very first action of my semester break was going to the hairdresser!
Nothing special but I needed more layers! Now it's much easier to style my hair and it looks better when using my extes ^^

outfit (before going to the hairdresser)
afterwards ^^ (my shortest layers are chin-length now)

Outfit of the last exam.... very relaxed (the outfit- not the exam ^^°)
Lately I bought some thins on the internet... new My little Ponies, a dress and contacts. The only things that have arrived until now are the contacts!

I have had the blue ones very often before and they were always super comfy as far as I can remember. So now I also bought the honey-coloured ones of that series! Hope they are as comfy as the blue ones!!!

Some days ago I went shopping in my local shopping center.
This was my outfit:

I found a lot of things at New Yorker!!!
They have a lot of great bargains right now^o^ Nearly every top is 6,95€ or cheaper!

I really liked this white zebra top!
But I liked the yellow one even more ^o^ So I bought the yellow one!
This is also very summerly! But I didn't buy it...
Actually this colourful tunic is declared as "swimwear"... who cares! I bought it and also the yellow top underneath!
my three gets ^o^
I altered the back of the zebra top. I cut in a deep V-neck at the back and added the straps and circles (the butterfly charms are from my d.i.a. skirt ^^°)

I also bought two pairs of earrings.
These are matching my neon yellow garments which I bought ^^.
My next post will be about the last small meet-up of my gyarusa GG-Glitter ^^.
bye bye ~ chu <3


Kirschu said...

I'm curious how the Lenses are gonna look on you :D
Thats some nice stuff you got there, I like what you did with the shirt! Those butterflies really add something!

Jenny ♥ said...

you bought so many great things and also ...you look awesome ;___; <3333

Ducky said...

Ich finde das total cool wie du das shirt selber noch ein bisschen verschönert hast - und generell gelingt dir das immer so toll, Gyaru Outfits zu coorden - auch ohne viel Marken Kram ^u^