Dec 11, 2013

Christmas is coming... shopping and random things

Hello everybody ^^
It's been a while since I blogged .... but actually I had nothing interesting to show you ^^°....

Today I start with two new tops ^o^
 The first one is selfmade! I'm really pleased with the result!
My mom knitted the white parts and I had the zebra material and the trimmings at home. I borrowed the small cross and the straps from another top. They are detachable.

 The second top is from d.i.a. I got it through gyaru sales. It's one of my dream tops from d.i.a. *o*
The neon orange is a little bit difficult to coordinate but well ... I loooove it <3

Chistmas is coming by giants strides!
This is my advent calendar. There are cute little pony figures inside ^^ "Filly" is a trademark similar to "My little Pony"... but for me it seams like a MLP fake.... but it's also cute ^o^
So here is my "real" My little Pony herd ^o^
It's grown since I showed you my ponies for the last time!!!
I really like this shelf right now ^^ Everything on it is so pastel and cute <3
 Some weeks ago my family and I went to some shops for Christmas decoration. "Pflanzen Kölle" is a really nice adress if you are looking for Christmas stuff!!!
But we were also in a small Christmas shop in the historic district of Berlin-Köpenick.
Look at this Chistmas wonderland *o*

We bought some tree decorations ^^
for example these two...
...and these candy canes.
this one is for my sister
...and many more...^^

Last Saturday I went out to buy some presents. So I met with Kiki, Hani and Mao.
my styling:
Heavy eye make up but simple straight hair without extensions.

my outfit:
I was wearing the selfmade top! It was really cold outside so I had to add pullover and cardigan!
With my new parker ( from New Yorker) it's suuuuuuuper warm!!! I never had such a warm coat before!!!
prepared for cold weather ^o^
I don't have many photos of the day itself... ^^°

I bought an Ageha issue at Neo Tokyo (with a cute Liz Lisa make up bag)
we were drinking a coffee.... no spectacular photos for you ^^°
Kiki and me <3
bye bye~ chu <3


Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...
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Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Woah~! I thought at first the the top you made was really d.i.a until I read what you said about it . I love it <3. You`re really good at making clothes~! ^o^

Lau said...

@Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka
haha~ nope it's not XD
yea I give my best and I'm quite satisfied with it ^^
thank you <3