Dec 14, 2013

new nails

Hello everybody ^^
Last weekend I went to my sister Katja to Potsdam to get my nails done!

It started to snow the evening before ^^ So it really looked quite Christmassy outside <3

I dressed up cute casual and did no special styling or make up because.... I was only visiting my sister^^°... no need for super flashy styling XD.

But I like the outfit nevertheless ^o^

I went there quite early. I took the train at 8am ^^° ...too early for a Sunday!!!
But it was still a little snowy! Very nice !!! (later on the snow turned into rain -.-°....)

This time I wanted my nails a little bit Christmas themed! With colours red and gold!

I have to admid they also look a little oriental.... well... oriental Christmas....or something like that XD

They are georgous!!!! I just looooove them <3 <3 <3
Thank you Katja <3 <3 <3

that's it for today ^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


Renoyuki said...

Deine Nägel sehen klasse aus! Einfach total hübsch und dein Outfit sieht auch sehr schön aus! ^₩^
LG, Renoyuki

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Your nails are so nice~! <3 I love them :3.