Dec 1, 2013

Outfit post

Hello everybody ^^
I'm sorry to be so inactive with blogging at th moment... but I caught a big cold last week and so I was not in the mood of sitting in front of the computer...

Today it's a little better and I chose to show you some of my last weeks outfits.
I'm sorry for the bad lighting conditions of some photos but most of them were taken before going to work. And it's still dim outside. (It's also dark when I come back from work ^^°...) Sometimes I get some time to take a photo AT work.
But just sometimes.....

sweet coordinates

1. fashion point: daisy pattern

2. fashion point: dreamy natural

3. fashion point: flared chiffon blouse point: checked skirt

sexy/cool/elegant coordinates:

1. fashion point:  d.i.a. skirt

2. fashion point: feather headband

I wore this during our second atelier sale. (Customers coming to the atelier to buy the old stock items for "cheap".)
So I needed to waer something more chic!  I chose my Ma*rs onepiece!
Of course the fashion point is: Ma*rs onepiece
I was also using my extensions.
And I was wearing simple lashes.
4. fashion point: houndstooth leggings

5. fashion point: Liz Lisa skirt (I was wearing this at my sisters birthday)

6. fashion point: business skirt

casual steet style coordinates:

 1. royal blue skirt and blouse hang around my shoulders

2. fashion point: colourful skarf & beanie matching the 6% Dokidoki necklace

3. fashion point: bobble hat

That's it ^^
I hope you like some of them... do you?

bye bye~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

wow wieder sososoo tolle Outfits! Ich liebe die beigen Schuhe *__* total toll!
Dir eine gute Besserung! <3

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Your coords are so nice~! ^^ I love that d.i.a skirt , it`s so cute , but still stylish <3.

Lau said...

danke f├╝r die Genesungsw├╝nsche ^^
und danke, dass dir die Outfits und die Schuheeeeee XD gefallen <3

Lau said...

@Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka
thank you^.^
yes it's kind of "cute" for a d.i.a. skirt ^^ but it's still d.i.a. XXDDD