Dec 27, 2013

Gyarusa Christmas meet-up

Hello gals <3

Now it's almost time for a post about our GG-Glitter gyaru circle meet-up in December. It took part at the 3rd weekend of advent!

We planned to go to a japanese restaurant, to go to a karaoke bar and afterwards have a Kigurumi sleepover.

my coord
top: d.i.a. 
dress: H&M
shoes: Deichmann
jacket/cardigan: (you will see it later on) New Yorker

unfortunately my hair looked a little messy...
We all met at Neo Tokyo!
(left to right) Kiki, Tama and Yuna (Yuna had to leave quite early)
everybody is arriving ^^
waiting for the others to arrive
When everybody had arrived, we went to a Japanese restaurant. It's ment to be an Izakaya. But it has nothing in common with real Japanese Izakayas.... But it's still a nice restaurant after all!

my perspective
A-chans perspective
cheers Senja and Kiki
We really had a nice time at the restaurant^^
my niku udon <3
once again Senja and Kiki~ PROST ^^
Tine an me ^o^
my GG-glitters on the way to Karaoke ^^
On the way to our Karaoke bar we had enough time to do plenty of self shots XD
Here are some of them and some other photos on the road:

Senja, Tine and me ^^
me and somebody who does not want to be seen... and Kikis hands XD
Kiki, Kukki, Tine in da train ^^
Fuyu (her light pink Ma*rs coat is so damn cute!!!) and sweet Thanan
Senja and me ~curly girlies XD
At Karaoke we got the room "Moskau" XD (Moskow) ..."Tokyo" was too expensive XD
Looks like everybody was quite bored XD...
NO...actually we had a lot of fun <3 They even had German anime songs from Sailor Moon, Digimon, Wedding Peach.... so great! Everybody was singing "Sag das Zauberwort" or "Leb deinen Traum". Everyone still knows these songs!!!

When Hani and Mao arrived, we started our "Secret Santa"! Everybody had prepared a present for someone!
the presents ^^
unwrapping the presents
my presents: two lipsticks, stickers to decorate my purikura book and hair ties
Tines present: super beautiful nails
watching Kikis Egg issue
some more presents ^^ (and Senja XD)
my present for Goof~ the skirt ^^
After exchanging presents we did out outfit photos ^^

the sweet ones
the rocking ones
the animal printed ones ^^
After this we returned to singing karaoke. ^^
Goof and me
Goofs and Senjas nails <3
A-chan and Kukki enthusiastic but Senja and Hani..... hmmm bored ? ^^°
toilet photos are the best XD ~kawaii neeee?

After karaoke we were all hungry! So we went to.... Mc Donalds ^^°

In the end of the day we had to say goodbye to some of the girls because not everybody wanted/could come to our sleepover!
It was my first time wearing a Kigurumi.

We played a lot of "Just Dance" and some other Wii games and it was so super funny XD But actually I don't have many photos of the evening/the night ^^°

At the moment I'm at my friend's (Michis) home in Gladbeck for celebrating new year's eve. And I don't think that I will blog this year once again....
So I wish you all a nice ending of the year and  a happy new year 2014 <3

byr byr ~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

Oh so super tolle Biiilder *____* ihr saht toll aus!

Und guten Rutsch :3

YeonJae Park said...

Oh wie hübsch, das gehört glatt verboten so hübsch bist du! >< <3
Schonmal jetzt ein frohes Neues :D

Miya Skellington said...

XDD die kigu bilder sind so toll *__*

Lau said...

dankeschöööön <3

Lau said...

@YeonJae Park
quatsch XD so hübsch bin ich nun wirklich nicht XD die fotos sind einfach vorteilhaft und dann noch all das make up und ein bisschen Bildbearbeitung! Ziemlich jeder kann das^^

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
jaaaaa <3 vielleicht sollte ich mir auch so ein Ding zulegen ^^ war ja nicht mein eigener!