Dec 24, 2013

Last days before Christmas (two outfits, shopping and Christmas tree)

Hello everybody^^

Actually I have to blog about our GG-glitter Christmas meet-up...
This will be my next post because now I wanna show you what I did at the last weekend in Advent and at the 23rd of December ^^

My outfit when I met Kiki, Hani and Mao for the final Christmas shopping! 

My style was "cute retro girly" and my fashion point was definitely the Ank Rouge sweater!

I was using my brown wig! I think brown hair matches that style! What do you think?
light eye make up to round out the style
I met my friends at Coffee Fellows!
Toffee coffee dream <3
Hani and Kiki... what do you use lashes for, Kiki? You never show your eyes XD
... and Mao... best posing ever!!! <3
Afterwards we went to many shops to buy the last missing presents! After some struggles with a broken teacup and Master Yoda earphones which were sold out, we finally had everything we needed!

So we had some time to stroll through the shops for ourselfs.
At JUMEX I found this cute cap! It's pink and fluffy and with huge gold accessories! I really like it <3
with brown hair
with blonde hair
Isn't it very special?
And I also bought these cute shoes at JUMEX. Of course for Spring and Summer... not for Winter -.-°
I got them for 10€.
And this cute pullover is also from Jumex!
It's super fleecy and soft and I just love the salmon houndstooth pattern <3
 2 days later:
The most important issue of the 23rd of December was to decorate the Chistmas tree ^o^

I also did some last transactions before Christmas like to send letters (I know it's too late...) and buy gift wrap...
my simple outfit

Simple styling and make up as well!
Natural looking upper and lower lashes and "Eos adult brown" lences.
Well, I don't have many photos of that day because I did nothing super special....
...BUT here is the Christmas tree:
This year it's multicolored!
my doing <3 I'm proud ~ haha
And of course I wrapped my presents ^^
all my presents for my family ^o^
So bye bye and I wish you all a happy Christmas with your family, your love or your friends. Have a nice time and see you after Christmas ^^
~chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

Frohe Weihnachten dir!
Deine Outfits sind wunderschön<3

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vielen lieben Dank^^

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