Oct 2, 2014

Connichi 2014 - Friday

Hello everybody ^o^
Today I wanna show you what I did Connichi Friday ^^
"Connichi" is a big anime/manga convention in Kassel (Germany) for those who don't know^^

I started in the morning with Kiki in Berlin. We took the same train to Kassel.
I started with a sweet gyaru coord but in Kassel I changed into my cosplay^^

 My first outfit:
suspender skirt, underskirt - Liz Lisa
blouse - selfmade
cardigan - New Yorker
the rest... offbrand XP

Well,  there is nothing special to tell about the train ride... that's the only photo XD
great english skills, nee ? XD
In Kassel Kiki and me had a hotel together with Michi, Kirschu, Sato and Lynn. Full house XD It was great to have so many friends around <3

When most of us had arrived we changed into our cosplays:
Mine was Fluttershy ~Green isn't your colour~ (My little Pony) (Of course everything is completely selfmade!)

First Fluttershy selfies XD
The weather wasn't nice at all... but it could have been worse (like the next day ^^°...)
It was cold and the sun wasn't shining at all. But whenever I'm wearing a cosplay I can endure the cold somehow ^^°
funny mood with Kirschhhhhhhhh....(as Thomas O'Malley from Aristocats) <3
sleepy??? mood with Sato XP (as Ene from Kagerou Days)
who is the photobomb in the background?
aaaah it's Padfoot/Denise <3
We had a lot of fun Friday! Actually it was the best day of the Connichi as it is most often!
The convention park was not that crowded and everyone was looking forward to three days full of cosplay, friends and insiders XD

But here are some serious cosplay photos:
I cosplayed together with Kura. She was Pinky Pie (MLP)

our reaction to stalker photos...

Suddenly we got the idea to use the flowerbeds for photos...
well they were already trampled before!!!!
But Kiki shot this evidence photo^^°...
trample, trample ^^°....
but beautiful location!

THIS is in character!!! XD
Sato looked so cute in her cosplay <3 She's most often doing male cosplays...

Looooove you girls <3
Kiki, Michi and me in our hotel elevator
Back in the hotel in the evening we decided to go out for a meal with some friends. But NOT in our cosplays XD
Kikis Ma*rs skirt matched the wall in our hotel perfectly XP
Through the "night" in Kassel ^^°
Michi, Padfoot and a friend of her in the restaurant
Well the restaurant was...... let's not talk about negative aspects of the day XD
We had a lot of fun!
Kirschus and my "Sailor Moon" and "Coconut banana" cocktails ^^
We really couldn't find out why the cocktail was called "Sailor Moon" -.-° ~ haha

Next entry will be about the Connichi Saturday and our new Golden Bomber cosplays!
bye bye <3


Renoyuki said...

Awww~ Dein Cos ist so wunderschön und die Fotos sind mega toll!
Hat mich gefreut, das wir uns Samstag und Sonntag kurz gesehen hatten. ^-^
LG, Renoyuki

Nagareboshi said...

Tolles Cosplay! ^__^


cookiescorpse said...

wooow *o* you look really beautiful with fluffershy cosplay!

Serina said...

Ahh! Das Foto von dir und mir im Cosplay ist ja cool, an das hab ich mich gar nicht mehr erinnert ^^*

Lau said...

Dankeschön <3 <3 <3
Japp schön, dass man sich immer mal wieder über den Weg läuft ^o^
bye bye <3

Lau said...

Vielen lieben Dank ^o^
bye <3

Lau said...

klar ^^ das war das allererste Foto am Freitag ^^ das warm-up quasi ^^
süß sind wir XP

Lau said...

thank you <3 <3 <3 I'm happy you like it ^^