Apr 30, 2012

Popteen scans

Hello gals ^o^
Isn't it great? Weekend ist just over and tomorrow we gonna have a holiday ^o^ So I finally have some time toooooooo.......... 
........DO PATTERN CONSTRUCTIONS ...-.-° why do I always do pattern constructions in my free time ? ^^°....

But now a completely different topic:
I made scans of some pages of my newest Popteen issue ^o^
I'ts not that new in Japan but it was the newes I could get at Neo Tokyo!
I'ts Popteen 04(April) 2012

Pastel colours are a big topic! For example mint green!
light pink
and baby blue
Liz Lisa Wonderland ^o^
14 day coordinate with Okari
retro feminin <3 they look so amazing <3
these styles are so my favourites at the moment <3
style change: from romantic girly to colourfull pop/amekaji whatever ^.^
Ruvap ? never heard before... but it looks colourfull and fun ^o^
waves and curls and Okari with cute short hair
interesting hair styles ^.^
waaa~ I wanna look like that @.@ <3
lovely street coordinates
 That's it ^o^
There are sooo many other nice pages.... I always don't know how many scans I should make ^^° Do you want to see more?

Next time I'll show you scans from my Ageha issue!
bye bye ~chu <3

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