Jul 26, 2012

Buying fabric

Hello everybody ^o^

To continue working on my cosplays I had to buy new fabric and trimmings. So I went to the turkish market and to HÜCO-Stoffe last Tuesday!

my outfit:

all in light pink/purple/lavender and a little hime-kaji inspired

I tried to get much volume in my hair !

Following, just some impressions of the market and the fabric wholesaler.

really exhausting ^^° two heavy bags full of fabric !!!
the haul ^o^

bye bye gals ^o^
see you soon <3 ~chu ^^


Rin-tan said...

omg deine haare sind ja mal mega geil *O*

Patri Lavulin said...

really nice make up ^^

Anna Amaryllis said...

deine Haare und dein Make-up sind total toll *_* ♥

Lau said...

@ Rin-tan dankeschööööööön <3 mehr Volumen ging dann nicht mehr XD

Lau said...

@ Patri Lavulin thanxxxxx <3 I try my best ^.^

Lau said...

@ Anna Amaryllis vielen vielen Dank >///< so viel Lob auf einmal XD <3