Jul 13, 2012

I'm a shoppaholic.... -.-°

Hello my beloved followers ^o^
I'm so happy ^v^ to have 41 followers right now although I don't do anything special to promote my blog XXDDD

It's kinda curious that you are interested in my.... SHOPPING excesses and hauls.... ^^°

... to be shure I noticed that I don't do anything else appart from shopping all weekend long ..... is this abnormal?..... So this blog consists only of shopping with Kiki and of Golden Bomber....
>.<° *gomen*  maybe I manage to give some variety......

But first: Last weekend with shopping .......... (^__^)°

my outfit

Again I used stronger makeup for a more (whatever-the-name-is) Tsuyome/Kuronba/d.i.a.-like whatever look ~haha
You know, I want to try out every different style. Committed to only one specific style is too boring for me!!!

eye mekeup and simple brown lenses

The weather was so damn shitty.... cloudbursts with heavy rain and heavy thunderstorm...... my hair did not stand the weather.... my waves nearly disappeared.
.... so for better mood we went for a meal !!!

... actually I did not want to buy so many things >.<°...... but everywhere it was SALE !!! Damn, I love sale so much <3 <3 <3 ... so I couldn't resist!!!

at H&M
I just took this hip-hop mash cap for fun in the changing room.... look: instead of an obligatory $-sign there is a ¥-sign on the cap ~*lol*
but somehow I fell in love with the cappy..... so I had to buy it ~haha~ I will use it for more hip-hop/oraora or punkish/pop styles like Kanako does it ^o^ (you know I want to try everthing out)
jumpsiut-time ~haha~ Kiki bought this denim one at H&M
and I bought this leopard patterned one at Tally Weijl
a refreshing bubble tea! but the bubble tea at "Long Tea" in the Ring Center turned out to be not that good.... I still prefer "Tea One" and "BoboQ" !!!
at New Yorker I bought this chiffon animal print camisole with cowl-neck!
and this mint green oversized T-shirt
the complete haul ^o^ (this pink item on the top is a see-through umbrella and in the middle you can see a zebra printed dress - both H&M)
here you can see the dress
I guess this enormous shopping shall compensate my university stress >.<° Still 3 exams... but 3 of 9 is already a good result!!! Slow but steady my concentration and power for learing fades away.....
I'm looking forward to semester break and Japan <3 <3 <3

my new brown circle lenses arrived ^^ I don't know what the quality is.... the only thing I can say is that they were cheap ^^° (so if they are not good I didn't waste much money)

And finally here are some simple university outfits:

both with my new T-shirt

and another one...

That's it ^o^
Finally the post is done .... so sorry for blogging so rarely.... but lerning takes all my time in the afternoons and evenings (and sometimes nights).
bye bye ~ chu <3


Rin-tan said...

Dein Make up sieht da sehr schön aus *O*

Jenny ♥ said...

love your outfit and make up *_*

Lau said...

danköööööö <3

Lau said...

thank you very much <3 <3 <3