Jul 18, 2012

Moms birthday

Hello ^^
Yeeeeeha ~ Today I wrote the last exam of this semster. Semester break now!!! ^o^

 And another good information is, that I passed the horrible exam of physics o.O oh my god.... I'm so relieved!!! Barely half of the point score ^^° Barely squeak through the exam!!! But it's done ^o^
Let's hope that I passed all the other exams as well!!!

Last Sunday my mom celebrated her birthday. Nothing special ... only at home with my family. But it was nice and an occasion to doll up a little bit!

the dress is from Gina Trikot, the bow is selfmade, the belt is from H&M and the bolero is from the turkish market
I used my new brown circle lenses! OMFG...they are so huge o.O !!! giant !!! what an enlarging effect o.O (just bought them on ebay from a german seller for 10€)

We were eating cakes....

...and munchies and mixed nuts....
And I saw my niece Nadine again. I haven't seen her for a long time o.O

my sister Dani, my little nice Mareike, me and Nadine! (My sister Katja is missing on the photo...why? Q___Q)
That's it ^o^
Don't want to bore you with more family stuff ^^°...
Now I'll alter some garments and start sewing the new Cosplays ^v^
bye bye followers <3
~chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

oooh congrats!! *_*
the lenses are giant O_O but lovely xD
As well as your outfit <3

Lau said...

@ Jenny
thanxx a lot <3