Jul 2, 2012

On the market and Kirisho's Major+solo debut

Hello ^o^

On Friday I had a day off and I used my time to buy fabric for the next cosplays and for Michi ^^° She gave me an order what do buy.... I'm just the purchasing agent ~haha

I tried a new styling.

More Tsuyome/Kuronba/HipHop/whatever @.@° inspired ^^° I have no name for it XD

Stronger makeup with bronzener and nude lips and so on.... but I had not the courage to put in my lenses.... not for the turkish maket ^^°

the weather was so nice *o* even hot!!! Actually I always have bad weather when going to the market^^°
my purchases ^o^

And now another topic:
Actually I did not want to annoy you with Golden Bomber stuff again -.-° (if you're not interested then skip this ^.^°)
But I have to tell you this.......

First it was simply a shock...... and I'm still not very happy about it but....:
Kiryuuin Shou will make his debut as solo singer and he will do this together with Avex... a Major Label....
He's going to sing the opening theme for the new Kamen Rider series....

I always hoped that Golden Bomber never will transfer to a Major label.
I always had the impression that major bands become boring and mainsteam and have to change completely very often....
.... and now Kirisho makes this step even alone Q________Q...
It feels like he's abandoning Golden Bomber. Please not!!!
He will also release a complete solo album... and it seems that he does not write the songs on his own ??? Or is it only the Kamen Rider Song??? 
I did not get it comletely..... I'm too confused Q____Q

So I'm personaly not happy with his decision but I can understand his position. Who would have let go this chance?
And I will always support him!!!
 I still love him ~haha ^o^

It seems as if his sequinned suit is becoming his new Tamiya T-Shirt ~haha
 He is wearing the suit very often ^o^

bye bye ^o^ chu ~ <3


Rinnie said...

Lovely make! You're so lucky- I just look kinda' stare-y without lenses to balance out my big eyes. XD You shouldn't be afraid to wear them in public, though- most people don't even notice..!

Lau said...

Thank you for your lovely comment <3

But I'm not afrait to use lenses in public..... they just hurt my eyes... I cant stand them when it's sunny and hot outside.... feels like torture....
but I'll do my best to use them more often! <3