Jul 7, 2012

last weekend/ some outfits/ university stress

Hello ^o^
At the moment my life consists only of writing exams, learning, drawing an working out reports for univerity .... -.-°
So I'm really looking forward to tomorrow/today ^v^ because Saturday is a free day without learning for me^^

look at this beautifull yoghurt *o* "dreamland" with fairy and unicorns <3
there are things existing, that I never knew ~haha

Last weekend's outfit:

Later on I had water melon with Kiki ^o^

I was not in the mood for gyaru makeup.... so much more casual and visu-like....
We went to Alexanderplatz for a Bubble Tea and then chilled there among some really strange people ~haha

kind of a twin outfit *lol*
I exterminated Kikis last bubbles ~haha
our "twin outfits" in the H&M mirror
I did not buy anything except a new manga..... so I saved some money ~haha

this is how my desk looks right now -.-°... drawings, constructions, learning... an a Popteen ~haha
And finally here are two university styles with my leopard maxi dress.

makeup without lashes!!! I like it nevertheless ^o^
bye bye and ~chu <3


Sasu said...

aww der jogurt ist ja goldig >< wollte mir den Neulich auch kaufen, aber dachte nicht das da pastelpferdchen drin sind *_*

du siehst aus wie ne diva XDD

Luna said...

Den Yoghurt kenn ich. Die Ponys find ich aber sehr fantasivoll xD So wie die geformt sind.
Geschmeckt hat er trotzdem *yummi*
Tolle Fotos :)

Lau said...

@Sasu jaaaaaa, Ponieeeees <3 hat sogar gut geschmeckt ^o^

Diva? ~haha XD ich fasse das mal als Kompliment auf XP
Danköööö <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

@Luna ~haha das alle auf den Yoghurt so abghen XXDDD Stimmt, geschmeckt hat er auch noch <3

Dankeschöööön <3