Sep 30, 2012

Meeting Fuyu and new nails

Hello ^^
Now I will continue showing you outfits and stuff of last weeks.

One Saturday I met with Fuyu/Victoria. I get to know her about Poupeégirl and I read her blog and she reads mine. She's also into gyaru but als into Lolita fashion ^^ So I was really happy to meet her in person ^o^

my outfit for a very cold Saturday: [blouse, skirt, bag - Liz Lisa; hat - turkish market; shoes, socks, jacket - H&M]

with jacket
It was super cold, rainy and windy that day in Berlin.... three days later I got a cold -.-°
But it was super nice to talk to Fuyu and her friend.
She's a super cute and nice person! We visited Neo Tokyo and were strolling around the Alexanderplatz.

I loooove Fuyus haircolour *o* She said that she was the day before at a hairdresser! Amazing copper red!!! <3

 Btw. this is her blog PLASTIQ♥POP and this is her post about this day oh-im-sorry-i-missed-out-train
Maybe you are also interested in her blog ^o^

In the late afternoon I also met with Kiki. But we were only sitting at Starbucks and were talking about Japanese lesson and so on ^^°.... so I don't have photos...

here you can see my dinner at home: fruits yoghurt and tapioka milk tea *o* (and my Japanese textbook~ haha we need to have the "edition for university" although we're just learning at community collage...)
The next day I visited my sister Katja in Potsdam and got my new nails done ^o^ Katja has her own little nail salon at home <3

my outfit: [blouse, skirt - Liz Lisa; hair bow - Lattice; tie - H&M; shoes - Demonia]

This is how my nails turned out to be:

bye bye ~ chu <3


Victoria said...

Ahw~ Hab schon gewartet auf diesen Post. Hyaaa~ Danke fürs berichten ♥
Du sahst auch so schön aus! Q///Q
Und wha~ deine Nägel sind hübschiii~
Bald sehen wir uns wiederrrr~ ;)
Haha leider ist meine Haarfarbe jetzt schon nicht mehr so krass, obwohl ich Farbschutzzeug verwende wie blöd. Haha ich habe mir da in Berlin auch was weggeholt ;A;)" Hoffe dir geht es mittlerweile besser?? ♥


Chia said...

*o* i love your outfit and style!! it's so cool and cute! i love it!
I follow your blog!
See you!


Lau said...

@ Victoria
jaaa... war etwas langsam mit dem bloggen ^^°
danköööö <3
Japp, am Freitag zur K-Pop-Party ^^
das mit der Haarfarbe ist echt schade... aber was soll man machen ^^°...
jaaa, meine Erkältung ist wieder weg!
bye bye

Lau said...

Thank you very much ^o^ *blush*
your blog seems to be interesting, too... but I don't understand the language you use in your blog^^°.....
bye <3