Nov 22, 2012

Everyday life and AnCafé concert

Hello everybody ^o^

On Tuesday was the tour final of AnCafé's European concert tour here in Berlin.
But as it was during the week, the day started as usual with university for me.

Following I'll show you how my everyday life passes...very often at least!

ohayou gozaimasu ^^° get out ot bed at 5.30am...
done with my everyday  makeup... still with hair curlers ~haha
... and without
to university by bike
at 7.30am university in a mist
this morning: sewing techniques
still soooo tired -.-°
our programm: practising sleeve vents ^^
I skipped some less important courses... to have time for dressing up and visiting Kiki before the concert ^^.

back at home: doing another makup
and dreesing up
blouse - spinns; dress - H&M; necklace, bows - selfmade; shoes - Deichmann
First I went to Kiki. She was still dressing up and stuff. I was so glad about! So I had some time to warm up again... it was so fucking cold outside >.<°.....

cute Kiki with cool new coat <3 on the way ^o^
on the way to the club called Lido where the concert should take place
we arrived ca. 1 hour before doors opened... still too long to wait in the cold >.<
I was super happy to see Yomi an old friend of mine there. I haven't seen her for years. Once we did our A levels together. But I lost contact to her ^^°...

Kiki and Yomi
After some time Bathsi also arrived and also Hani (from my gyaru circle) and her friend Mao arrived. I recognized that somehow everyone knew each other ~haha ~ the world is small!
Bathsi knows Hani and Hani knows Yomi and Yomi is close friends with Tama and A-chan (they were not there!) from my gyarusa~ haha
And Hani is good friends with Senja und Goof (both members of our gyarusa) which I actually waned to meet on the concert ^^°... (just saw them very briefly)

Hani and Kiki
We had to wait quite a long time to enter because we did not participate in the Kindergarten with numers and stuff ^^°... Some years ago An Café was my favourite band but now it was ok. to stand in the back of the hall. The first rows are for the true fans! And I'm not anymore!

But I still had much fun on the concert!
The club was small so I had good visibility nevertheless!
The band did a good job!
My highlight songs were Snow Scene, Cherry Saku Yuki and Smile Ichiban Ii onna. These used to be my favourite songs years ago. But I also like the new songs of Amazing Blue. Sadly they just played two of them....

They rocked and rapped and quaked and made fun, tried to speak some sentenses in german and so on~ haha
And I danced and remembered some text passages and sang ~haha and even got some chances to headbang XD

photo taken from Yomis twipple (hope it's ok. Q____Q...???)
It was super nice to spent the time with Yomi and Kiki and Bathsi ^o^ Thank you all <3

So that's it ^o^
bye bye and chu~ <3

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