Nov 19, 2012

Party No.3 and some outfits

Hello gals <3

Actually I'm not a party girl at all... but this weekend I went partying again ^^° The 3rd time in a row.

I killed my Chinzano Asti (I got as birthday present) for prepartying ^^°
my outfit:  This time I decided for a more simple and cute style
(dress - Liz Lisa; cardy - H&M; tights - clairs; shoes - Deichmann; hairbow - Lattice)

I also decided for a more natural hairstyle (my natural waves...) and a simpler makeup without lenses.

upper lashes: Dolly Wink No.1; bottom lashes: Diamond Lash (Honey eye)
In the late evening I met with Yong and some of his friends at Potsdamer Platz. We went into the club E4... Some friends of Yong celebrated a big birthday party there.
So there was a VIP lounge which I was not allowed to enter...~haha but I got free entrance. So it was ok.

empty club is empty ^^°
some minutes later.... crowded club is crowded ^^°
I really danced a lot this evening <3 Somehow I had no other chance 'cause I had no VIP couch to relax at.

two friends ^^ super funny
dancefloor from the top of the club
Looks like my camera was kind of drunken as well ~haha creepy photo >.<

Later on Yong took me into the vip lounge ♥  ... another creepy photo >___<° what's wrong wit my camera? *lol*

But the evening ended earlier than expectet... a friend did not feel well and Yong did not want to leave him alone on the way back.... so we left kind of early. (around 4am)

So I was at home at 5.30... early compared to last weekends ^^°

Here are just some basic outfits of last weeks! Most garments are from H&M or selfmade (so I don't give you a detailed description of what brand each garment is^^°)

I tidied up my hair accessories and I realized how many hair bows I have o.O.... I'm addicted to bows <3
most of them are selfmade (as expected of me ^^°)
And I found so many colourfull hair ties *o* I didn't know that I have so many~ haha

That's it! 
Tomorrow I will attend the AnCafé concert here in Berlin ^o^ I'm looking forward to this! I like concerts! Now I have to choose for my outfit !!!
bye bye~ chu <3

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