Nov 28, 2012

My sister's birthday and Christmas foreshadows

Hello everybody ^o^

December is near and christmas already foreshadows. 
On Saturday my parents and me went to a hardware/DIY store to look for some christmas decoration and stuff.

~haha we already found a nice Christmas tree ^^°

The chritmas department was giant o.O... but I nearly got the axe ....because I made some photos.... forbidden there -.-°

look what I found there! A cute ribbon. I will definitely use it as a hair accessory!
There is even a kind of a hairpin at the backside ^^°

~haha~ wrapped tree... I'll show you on the 23rd how it looks ^^°
simple look
My new (fake) glasses arrived some days ago ^o^ I looove them! Just bough them on ebay.

In the afternoon I made photos for the next GG-Glitter themepost but I'll show you in my next post^^°. Otherwise it's too much!
On Sunday my oldest sister Dani celebrated her birthday. So it was a pure familiy weekend after all ^o^

Here you can see my eye makeup. Without bottom lashes this time!

Here my outfit: rokku !!

My niece Nadine made Christmas cookies. They are soooo hime like *o* <3 <3 <3

birthday table (inside the presents there are collection cups)
my sister loves colletion cups ^^
 Look at this sunset form the flat of my sister ^o^ Sooooo beautiful <3
The sky is burning!!!

In the afternoon I did a jigsaw puzzle with my little niece Mareike. Mareike was the boss!!! Do this, this part belongs here, this is the face.... and so on~ haha she's the leader ^^°

this cute jigsaw puzzle ^o^
I also bought an Advent calender for Mareike. I know that she already has some at home but I could not resist buying 'cause I know she likes "Wicky - und die starken Männer" a lot.
But th big disappointment was that she already has exactly THE SAME at home.....
now it's MY Advent calender ^^°
I did not have an Advent calender for years.... ~haha

Bye bye gals~
chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

wow, so schöne und viele Bilder <333
Die Schleife ist total toll und steht dir :3 dein Outfit für den Geburtstag ist auch super *-*

Lau said...

@Jenny dankeschöön ^o^ ich finde die Schleife auch voll klasse <3 im Baumarkt gekauft *lol*

センヤ●Sano said...

ig mag die Brille die steht die sowas von unfair gut XD }neid}

Lau said...

@...Sano (Senja XD)
dankeschön ^^° ich liebe brillen einfach XD