Nov 8, 2012

K-Pop Party Halloween

Hello gals ^o^

I guess I'm the last blogger on earth posting about halloween ^^°.... 
Last Friday I went to the K-Pop party with dresscode: Halloween! But the evening went comletely different than planned...

But first I show you my outfit.
It's a lot Tutuha/ Glavil by Tutuha inspired. But actually I don't own a single piece from this brand...
When I was in Japan I didn't like the garments and now I'm starting to love this style ^^....
It can't be helped. I had to create an outfit on my own!

here you can see the garments on a hanger
I altered and customized the dress. I removed one skirt layer so the hemline got shortened. I added the black ruffles at the hems and the bodice and I printed the skull.
And I completely sewed the short bolero jacket with pleather wings.

I also created new shoes.
I painted them black (they were red before) and added all these studs. Now I love them so much *o*. And finally I wear them again. In red I haven't worn them for years.

Here are my accessories. Some are new but all are made by myself. Tutuha style cross necklace, devil horns headband and choker.

By the way, this was my halloween meal! Pumpkin soup! Made by my fellow student Aurora. It was so delicious *o* Thank you so much Aurora!!! ^o^

Friday evening I dressed up!

I went to Kiki. We wanted attend K-Pop party together. But sadly she got ill and felt so horrible this evening. As Fuyu which I expected to be on the party fell ill, too, I wanted to give up to go there. I'm not confident enough to go partying alone.....
But lucky me! Tama and A-chan were on the party. So Kiki convinced me to go !!!!
Thank you Kiki <3 <3 <3 You are the best! She must have felt so damn horrible and sad this evening.

so I hit the road alone... very pathetic with my champagne...
eye makeup and red circle lenses
So I arrived late at the club. I wasn't in a very good mood...

But when I met Tama and A-chan and some of their friends my mood changed ^o^

Tama and me ^^
It was super funny and we danced a lot! Nice atmosphere in the club ^o^
Later on I came to know Yon. It was a nice evening after all ^^.

The worst happened when I wanted to leave the club.
 I recognized that my wallet was stolen!!!

But some days later I got it back! It was found in the club. Only my money is missing.
No prob, no prob! It was not much money inside! Lucky me! LUCKYYYYY!!!!

bye bye gals ^o^
~chu <3


Kiki said...

Ich lande wanhscheinlich wieder im Spam-Ordner XD
Am besten ist eh das Foto von der Kürbiscremesuppe weil erstens oishii und zweitens erinnert mich das an Shous Twitter-Pics XD

Suzu Blog said...

tolles outfit *_*
Toll gemacht *_*

Jenny ♥ said...

WOW! Das sieht super toll aus <333 wie immer toll! *-*
Und dein Make Up war auch super.. <33 zum Glück hast du dein Portemonee wiederbekommen!

Anonymous said...

tama ist bisschen klein.^^ habe mal mit ihr kurz geredet

tine said...

krass ich würde echt denken das outfit war von tutuha. du hast echt talent im selber machen T_T

hatte auch mal mein portmonai auch mal in einem club verloren und war auch happy als es wieder auftauchte und es lag weniger am geld als ehr die rennereien zu den ämtern >.<