Nov 15, 2012

Last weekends party

Hello everybody ^o^

Last Friday I went shopping. Seriously, my mom forced me to!
But I definitly needed black boots or shoes!

I bought them at Deichmann. 5th Avenue by Halle Berry. They are real leather an I was so happy to get them! They are super comfortable and only one pair of them was in stock! Lucky me that it was 39!!! ^o^

 Another pair of shoes wich I have seen for a long time at Deichmann but never bought because I thought they were too expansive, was on sale ^o^ 50% reduced! Luckyyyyyyy!

also from Deichmann (Catwallk)
 I really loooove platform soles at the moment!!!

This is a pullover I sewed last week! Waaaaaaah~ it's my favourite pullover right now <3

Last Saturday I decided to party again! Kiki was  not that ill anymore and  Michi was in Berlin. Yong told me about an Asian Party at club Maxxim. So, why not? XXDDD

my outfit
dress - shop at Sunshine Ikebururo, belt - d.i.a., fur legwarmers  - selfmade

I made the furry black legwarmers just some hours before. I needed matching legwarmers! So I sewed them!

As it's fucking cold outside I needed something warmer! So I also wore my new pullover ^o^

Attention! Cam-whoring XD

the diamond lash angel eye upper lashes became my favourite lashes right now >.<
We met Zoologischer Garten with Yong and his friends. We started prepartying a little! Kind of funny! ^o^

The club itself was really nice but we spend most of the evening sitting in the chill out/smoking lounge.... I don't know why... I felt like I didn't dance enough!!!

Kiki and Michi when the club was still nearly empty ^^°

just some photos!

for Kiki alcohol did not work that day... money down the drain!... ~Kiki and her aniki XP ~haha
Silly party photos are silly...... ^^°

So, and this is what I'm doing at the moment! Playing an age-old Pokémon Edition ^^° Emerald!
bye bye ^o^
~chu <3


Victoria said...

Hachja ich vermisse Berlin ♪
wird dennoch wohl erst wieder was zum Gyaru Meetup etwas. Hab atm so viel zeitlichen Stress mit tausenden von Hausis.. und bin immer total kaputt.. aber hoffe dir gehts gut <33


Lau said...

is zwar noch ne Weile hin aber ich freu mich drauf ^o^
...ja das mit der Uni kenn ich... zwar keine Hausaufgaben direkt aber Protokolle, Vorträge und so weiter -.-° deshalb komm ich ja auch so selten zum Bloggen und hab auch nix tolles zum Bloggen außer übers WE ^^°..
bye bye <3