Sep 22, 2013

Connichi 2013 - Friday

Hello everybody ^^

Last weekend was a big anime/manga convention in Germany/Kassel. The Connichi!
Of course I was at the convention like all the years before^^. It was my 6th Connichi.... can't believe it.... time is running Q___Q.

I started very early in the morning and went to Kassel via train alone.
This was my casual outfit. (Later on I was wearing a cosplay of course XP)

When I arrived in Kassel around midday I first went to the hotel where Kiki, Kura and I had our room.
But our room was not fully cleand so I had to wait some minutes before check in^^°
...waiting for check in ^^°...
 I looove my new denim jacket^^
My girls would come in the evening so I prepared for convention Friday alone and dressed up in my cosplay to meet some other friends on the convention <3

wahaha~ the make up looks so strange without a wig XD
first mirror shot
testing photos^^
test succeded
So around 2pm I met my friends Ray, Sato and Michi in front of the convention hall.
Michi was cosplaying with me.
We were both cosplaying random Pokémon characters.

Michi as Daisy (Misty's eldest sister)
me as Casey (young Pokémon trainer with a passion for yellow-black sriped Pokémon and the Elektabuzz-baseball team)
me and Sato <3 (she was cosplaying a random character from Sket Dance)
so we were all...eeeeh...random XD
But I was surprised how many people recognized and remembered my character o.O.. ok. nobody knew the name anymore but everybody still remebered her!!!

So we started shooting! Of course we all needed good photos of our cosplays (as always^^)
love my Beedrill <3
It was so fun!!!! I still love Pokémon. And I got to know nearly all of my friends through Pokémon-Cosplay years ago. My cosplay-"career" started with Pokémon. So it was kind of back to the roots!

the meadow already filled up with cosplayers and otakus and... the Türsteher....(Sato knows)XD
it got cold in the evening... so I had to wear a jacket underneath...
In the late evening Kura arrived and we fetched Kiki at the train station.
It was a really nice Connichi Friday! Funny cosplay, funny people, great con-feeling!!!

"And I even don't have a brother..." was the insider of the day (neeeee Sato, Michi, Ray? XD)

bye bye ~ chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Echt klasse dein Cosplay!!! *__*

Amaya Yume said...

Haha, echt total süßes Cosplay :D

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington

Lau said...

@Amaya Yume
dankeschön <3