Sep 5, 2013

Sweet gyaru coord

Hello everybody ^^

You may have noticed the new "layout" of my blog ^o^ it's not a really new layout but more of a new colour sceme. I could not stand the complete pink anymore but I needed something super colourful!
So now it's yellow+pink ^o^ 
And I also changed the photos of my header! The old ones were older than a year.
Now I'm saticefied!!!

This is just a short update about my outfit last Saturday.

I was wearing sweet gyaru again ^^

I did a Okarie inspired make up. I guess it's what she did some time ago.

Would you like to see a tutorial for that eye make up-style?
I'm thinking about preparing it!

I wanted to wear a really flowery Liz Lisa outfit. Well, only the skirt is by Liz Lisa... ^^° but I like it! It's cute with soft colours. Very sweet gyaru.

I didn't use extes this day! o.O My hair looks so short ...^^°

blouse: Colosseum
skirt: Liz Lisa
flower-head-piece: Primark
socks: combination of Tutuanna+ordinary pink ones
shoes: Deichmann (5th Avenue by Halle Berry)

Here you can see the socks combination.
I wore the tutuanna ones (with lace) UNDER the ordinary pink ones. So it looks like pink ones with nude lace ^o^

I just met with Kiki at Crèpestation^^. So we had a delicious japanese style crèpe and chatted a lot.

I definitely can recommend the caramel frappé!!!
...probably the 7549th photo of crèpes in my blog ^^°....

We did nothing specatcular of what I could show you photos of .... 

Here is just a silly photo in a mirror-like back of a bus-stop... we did not find a real mirror^^°
bye bye <3
Btw. today is the last day of my giveaway!
If some of you want to paricipate.... today is the last chance ^^

bye bye ~ chu <3


Victoria said...

Hübsche du!! <33
Ich will die Blumenkrone auch haben Q^Q
& jaa von mir aus mach auf jeden Fall ein Tutorial von dem Style, ich mags :D Auch wenn mir leider dazu die oberen Lashes fehlen werden. Hab keine Dolly oder Diamond Lashes...Die sind so arschig teuer...

Jenny ♥ said...

JA zum tutorial!
Dein make up ist wunderschön. Eben so wie deine Outfits. <3

Miya Skellington said...

Das Outfit dteht dir wirklich super. Ich finde deine Haare wirklich total schön zu dem Style und das Make up ist auch toll. *__*
Mach auf jeden Fall ein Tutorial <3

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

I love your coord~! And please do a make up tutorial for this one too ! It just looks too cute ! <3

~*NeNe*~ said...

omg ich liebe deine outfits!!! <3
so süß!! Liz Lisa is toll hehe :D
dein make-up is genial *o*
ich bin auch für ein tutorial xD <3
danke für deine kommis zu meinen posts!! <3 ich lese deinen blog auch regelmäßig, aber habe so wenig zeit zum kommentieren ;A;
liebste grüße <3

Ruki said...

Ich mag das Make Up voll
Und die Crepes sehen voll lecker aus :)
Wann kommt die Auslosung vom Giveaway? :3