Sep 24, 2013

Connichi 2013 - Saturday

Hello everybody^^

This is my post about the Connichi Saturday.
We started with a gorgeous breakfast in our hotel but the weather was just..... horrible Q_____Q.
Very cold and very rainy.....

But I dressed up nevertheless for my cosplay as Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
I was just a single Cosplayer this day. I had no group or partner.

first mirror shot
Kiki and the most of my friends were not cosplaying.

eye make up
When we arrived at the convention everything was different than all the years before. The meadow was nearly empty, everybody was clustering under the trees or went indoors. The atmosphere was a little sad.
It was raining like hell!!! I met some people I know and friends but I had no chance to make photos in the rain.

When we met Hani, Mao, Kukki and Senja, I got the chance to go inside. (Actually I had no ticket...^^°) My other friends went out to have a coffee in the city.
pots of alpacas in the shop floors....
shop floor...
Hani, me and Bathsi
Actually I'm not a fan of staying inside at a convention but it was quite nice to meet all the people^^

Hani, me, Bathsi, Kukki and eeeh.... I don't know the girl in the front ~ haha
Senja und Sui
 Hani, Mao and Bathsi were part of a showgroup. So we waited a little and then watched the performance of their showgroup (Kira Kira Hikaru).

Time flew by and after the show it was not rainy anymore ^o^
So I met Sato and we shooted each other ^^

Misato drinks a looot of canned beer ~ so we had the idea so buy some for the shooting ~ haha
During the shooting (nearly) all my friends went for a meal... meeeeh but I had not enough photos and did not want to go for a meal with my cosplay....
So I stayed at the convention a little longer and met some other friends!
I spent some time with Kashi and Linda and their super cool Detective Conan group
In the evening I went back to the hotel to change my clothes. Afterwards I went back to the Connichi in civvies.

just changed the eyebrows XD
in the hotel elevator
Back at the convention I met Kiki and the others. They just came back from eating. So I spend the rest of the day with them.
Kiki and me ^o^
So the Connichi Saturday was pretty mediocre. Started unmotivated and ended super nice^^
But I think the bad weather did not mar my mood ^^

bye bye ~ chu <3


Amaya Yume said...

Awww you look so cute >w<

Michi said...

Der Samstag war wirklich komisch und das Wetter ist doch ein wichtiger Faktor bei Cons^^'
Aber der Tag war doch trotzdem für alle noch ganz angenehm XD

Aber schon wieder diese Becks Schleichwerbung ;P