Sep 12, 2013

Cosplays for Connichi/ new Circle Lenses/ Primark shopping

Hello everybody^^

Next weekend I will attend the anime/manga convention Connichi.
So I was reay busy sewing and doing handycrafts and stying wigs the last time.

this was just a wig-test ^o^
So I quickly wanna show you what I'm going to cosplay the three days.

on Friday: Casey from Pokémon (Jotho seasons)
on Saturday: Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion
on Sunday: Haru Miura (Haru Haru Interview) from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
I hope it will not be too cold or even rainy Q_____Q... I will just be outside (I don't have a ticket...) So I need good weather!!! ^^°

my Beedrill <3
In addition my new circle lenses arrived today! (finally... I waited so long for them although I ordered them from a German ebay seller....)
All contacts are brown but in different designs.

Dueba Barbie - Brownie Choco
They are compete brown without any black circle.
I was not sure what this design will look like... But I was curious! So I ordered them!
Positive surprise: they look very cute!!!

The next ones:

(Pretty) Vassen - Shibuya brown
simple black circle and very few brown patterns
They look a little bit more natural because they blend better with my own eye colour! Exactly what I expected.

the last ones:

Vassen - Hanabi brown
light brown and looking like a fire wheel ^^
I was really curious about them. I absoutely wanted to have such a design. But I'm afraid they don't look good on my light green eyes.... looks a little bit strange... -.-°

This Monday I went shopping at Primark. It's already one year ago since I visited the store in Berlin... so why not^^
I bought some basics and some garments that I aready wanted to have for a long time!

Leopard sweater just becauseI liked it.
Light denim jacket because I wanted one for so long!
Two pairs of overknee socks, two basic longarm shirts, wide golden necklace, waist belt with golden chains
Sadly this suspender-skirt was not as reduced as I thought it was.... but when I heard the real prize...I did not want it anymore^^°
That's it for today^^

P.S. I did not forget the giveaway... I just did not find time to draw the winner by lot. (Exept the time at Primark I was just working at my cosplays...)
I will do it after the Connichi!

bye bye <3


Miya Skellington said...

Tolle Cosplays und ich würde dich so gerne als Casey sehen, aber ich werd nur Samstag da sein. Egal~ wenn ich sehe, haue ich dich sicherlich um ein Foto an, ich bin schon gespannt. ^^
Den Leo Sweater.. ich neide dich an. XD Ich will auch Primark in meiner Nähe haben, wieso haben die bloß keinen Online-store. ;___;

Jenny ♥ said...

oooh! ich hoffe wir sehen uns ;_; hab mir deine Cosplays jetzt eingeprägt. Ich bin Samstag als Daenerys von Game of Thrones unterwegs! >__< Freitag im Pikachu und Sonntag Sweet Gyaru ... ;_; ich hoffe echt, dass man sich sieht! Deine cosplays sehen toll aus!

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Woah~I love your cosplays :3. I can`t wait to see photos ! <3 I love the first and the last circle lenses :3. I also like the 2nd ones , but I think they`d look too simple on me ;.;. They can look good just on you ~.
Primark has a lot of nice things , too bad I don`t have it here in my country ;.;. The sweater , the overknee socks and the belt look so nice <3. And the dress also looks nice on you , too bad it`s expensive >.>.

mistymysterious said...

Casey und Misato? Na, da bin ich auf Fotos gespannt!! *__* <3 (Und ich liebe dein Bibor!)
Ich wünsche dir auf jeden Fall ein schönes Wochenende in Kassel!! ♥

Der Leo Sweater ist toll. ♥