Sep 12, 2013


So here is a new outfit post!
The very first outfit is the coord of last saturday when I met Kiki. But except these photos I did not make more last weekend...

It was the last hot summer day!!!

It was super hot in Berlin last Saturday so I used the chance to wear this summer top that I haven't worn until now!

I used the with hair chak coloured extes again and coloured my bangs with hair chalk.

eye meke up and blue contacts
But I  have more outfits for you. These outfits are just casual eveyday coords! So nothing special!

fashion point: leopard dress

fashion point: headband

fashion point: leopard maxi dress

fashion point: cowboy hat

fashion point: mint meets soft pink

fashion point: cropped top

fashion point: black and denim

fashion point: striped leggings

fashion point: striped skirt
That's it^^
Tomorrow I will go to Kassel for the convention Connichi!
I hope I can meet some of you there^^
bye bye ~ chu <3

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Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

I love your coords :3. They`re all so cute and gorgeous in the same time~! And I totally love your makeup , it`s really nice <3.