Sep 29, 2013

Connichi 2013 - Sunday

Hello everybody^^
I know I'm late.... but I want to finish my posts about the Connichi.

Sunday started very nice ^o^ My friend Kura and I went to the swimming pool and the whirlpool of our hotel  *o*

I never had such a convenient hotel for a convention before ^^. Kind of pure luxury for me~ haha
super warm whirlpool <3
Kura and me ~ censored
But I think this was the best and most relaxing part of the day.
 Like always the convention-sunday was a little stressful. Check-out of the hotel on time, store luggage away, forget something at the luggage, go back to pick the forgotten stuff, not many time because the train back goes early in the evening....and so on...

the denim jacket doesn't belong to my cosplay ^^°...
eye make up
I was cosplaying together with Sato "Katekyo Hitman Reborn".
Me as Haru Miura (Haru Haru interview version) and Sato as Kyoko Sasagawa (school unifrom).

no... I'm not a singer XD but it looks like ~ haha
Sato looks so super cute *o* ... actually she's kind of a tomboy usually! But she did so well in this girly cosplay <3
We decided to search for other Reborn cosplayers and ask for photos. So I did my "job" and interviewed them on the photos XD "hahi"

It was really funny~ haha

Sadly there were not sooo  many other Reborn cosplayers. The  series was really popular around 5 years ago. But today there aren't many cosplayers anymore. 
(It's just thousands of  Shingeki no Kyojin cosplayers nowadays  ^^°.....)
 I had to catch my train back to Berlin at 6pm... and the Connichi was over Q____Q
But the next manga/anime convention is already in 4 days XD
I will attend the MMC in Berlin!

bye bye <3


Amaya Yume said...

Sooo cute! *___* I LOVE your Cosplay!

Sarah K. said...

Der Pool war soooooo geil! Will so einen für zu Hause!!

Miya Skellington said...

Wow.. ein Hotel mit Pool *__* LIEBE!!!!

Dein Cosplay steht dir einfach bombastisch. Du sihst total toll darin aus und ich finde auch deine Posen auf den Bildern sind immer toll.

Abbie said...

I love your cosplay make up! So cute!