Jan 8, 2012

Argue about Ageha !

Hello Gals and boyz^^
Some days ago I bought my first "ageha" issue and unfortunatley I have to say that I don't like it so much...
Not everything is my style.

I gonna start with the positive:
There are some models I really admire. For example Himena and her Hime-Gyaru Style! Adorable ♥ I think she's the only one with pure Hime-kei in magazines!
Here are some scans of pages that I really love.
"My Melody" nails ♥
beautiful kawaii hairstylings ♥
beautiful hairstylings with Sakurina ♥
Rock-Style and Hime-Gyaru ♥ I like both
Retro Girly and Sexy  Casual ♥ I love this too
There are lots of festive New Years Outfits in it! Two examples I really adore. ♥
just cute and lovely ♥
But there are pages with stylings and outfits that are absolutely not my taste....
But have a look yourself:
I don't like the way she looks... not my taste of styling
these dresses are too glamourus for me
I don't like any of these looks (exept the Hime-onepiece)... maybe too adult for me?
so completely against my taste...dresses de luxe... not my taste at all
satin New Years dresses... looks a bit cheesy in my eyes...
again not my style... too adult-glamourus-sexy for me... maybe more like Onee-Gal?
I don't like her look and the way she is presented...I just love the jacket
But that's o.k.! The half of the magazine is lovely, the other half is not my taste and the rest ist advertisment. I mean really the last third is pure advertisment and that's too much!
Maybe I gonna buy the "ageha" again but not too often! 
Popteen fits me better (although I'm already 23 years old XD) and I really like the Egg as a more stark version!
Ageha is a good alternativ but I still have to check other magazines like Ranzuki or Seventeen!
bye bye ♥ ♥ ♥

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