Jan 17, 2012


Hello everyone ^o^
Last week I really felt like dressing up a littel bit like rock-style. I'm not always the same! I like to change styles a lot! To experiment !!!
And I started with a really non-gyaru outfit! It was more visual kei inspired... more or less ^.^'
clothes from H&M, New Yorker, Deichmann and Pimky (nothing special)
with my beloved SWIMMER earphones ^.^ I use them every day on my way to/from university

my Mp3-playing backpack (real loudspeakers) from Mystica
with my long hair I'm not able to create visual kei hairstyles...
even my nail polish was rocking ^v^ ("vampires love - old buffy" from essence)
some years ago I really was in that style... I even had a visual kei hairstyle... maybe I'll show you some time 
Next day I got more colourful clothes! But also defenitly not gyaru!
cardigan: H&M, trousers: New Yorker; T-Shirt ("gloomy the naughty grizzly") from al small shop in Ikebukuro
or is it more pop-style???... don't know ^o^
next day I had a more rock-gal inspired style... like Sakurina...maybe ^o^°
long knit: H&M, striped tights: Kinji -used clothing- (but they were new), legwarmers: Jumex, shoes: Demonia
I love my rubber soles "Demonia creeper white"...but don't use them for gyaru-styling very often 'cause they are not typical for
I'm learning the hole time for university... so nothing speacial to tell you... -.-
oh, but a friend informed my about a music style I've never heard of. It's called "Wizard Rock" and it's all about the characters and stories of the Harry Potter universe... I've never heard of this music. My best friend Kiki will hate me for this but here is an example I really like (I's not rock..) "The Butterbeerexperience" sing about "The Peverell Story"

That's all so far... myabe in one of the next post I'll show you my change of styles over the years!
But next post will be about my last weekend. Bye bye~ *chu*

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