Jan 7, 2012


Hello Gals and Boyz XD
For my sketchbook I made a reasearch on leopard prints in magazines.
These were old magazines from 2009 to 2011 and I noticed that it's already a long time since I fell in love with leopard print.
I bought my first leopard printed top 2006! And every year they make us believe that leopard print is something very new and innovative *lol*
I don't think it even got out of fashion for some years!!! 

first page of my research
boring collage about leopard print (magazines:Glamour, InStyle, H&M magazines 2009-2011)
The next page of my sketchbook will show my own leopard printed garments and items!
outstanding (red, yellow...)
black and white (grey)
 most of it is brown
A whole lot ^o^, don't you think? But I really would like to have a fake fur jacket with leopard print like one of these:
(scans from Popteen)
and leopard platform sandals like these from H&M
But I can't have everything! I can live without such a jacket and such shoes! Life doesn't consist of leopard ^o^°
Next time I'll show you some scans of the new "ageha" issue and argue about some styles...Ageha shows not my favorite style... as I noticed!!!
bye bye ^.^

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