Jan 27, 2012

Random stuff... no time

Hello everybody ^o^
I'm so sorry for posting so rarely.... exams at university gonna start next week and I'm learning every day -.-.... so I've no time or just forget to post...*gomen nasai*

But before I'll report about last weekend, I show you some random stuff about styling, cosplay and drawing (^v^)v

I love my new pink "college jacket" cardigan ♥ You can combine it in many ways!
in a sporty casual way
or in a cute way
great to coordinate with black-pink accessories and garments ♥ ....*weep* I lost one of these ribbons (from Ageha issue)
And my mom finished my new pullover ^v^ She knitted it by herself ♥ I'm not able to knit at all... I'm good at sewing but knitting....I'm too impatient...
a short but baggy pullover made of light pink and light yellow glittering whool ♥
My new Cosplay wig arrived today ^o^ it's for a cosplay of Kiryuuin Shou (Memeshikute PV 2009) for the books fair Leipzig. I have to style it and change the look a lot but that's what it looks without styling.

I think the colour is o.k. (photos with flash light)

reference pic ♥    he's so sexy ♥____♥

I just tryed out another wig and it really looks like his current  hair color ^o^ (or some time ago) Just so funny ^v^ Maybe I should cosplay him with that haircolor, too XD
my old Yamato (Digimon 02) wig ~haha
so smart and cute ♥_____♥
And something else: I drawed a picture of Himena Ousaki for my sketchbook for university. She's so adorable and cute. I love her hime gyaru styling ♥
bye bye
~chu ♥

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