Jan 4, 2012

Happy New Year ~"I'm sexy and I know it"~

Hello everybody (^v^)
It's already 2012 and I didn't post for 6 days.... what a shame >.<
But from the 29th of December to the 1rst of January I was not at home and the last 2 days were quiet stessful becaus of university.... 

But now I gonna show you what I did the last time !
On  the 29th of December I arrived at Gladbeck and my best friends Kiki and Michi got their subsequent christmas presents ^o^
Everything had to do with Golden Bomber (>____<) (I'm a genious ...^.^)
a selfmade T-Shirt that actually Yutaka owns and a selfmade panda handpuppet that has to do with Kenji in a Christmas PV
the original
the original
Kiki got the T-shirt and Michi the handpuppet and all got a small panda scrunchy

I was so happy that they liked it >.< They really jumped for joy >///<

Befor going sleeping I used those curling sponge things to have lots of curls the next day. Don't I look silly XD ?  
next day's outfit of myself
Kikis eye makeup with fake lashes

The next day we went to "STAR CAFÉ" for breakfast in Gladbeck. Really delicious *yummy* Nii-chan/Padfoot/Denise was also there. ^o^ (She arrived also the day before^^°)

Afterwards we went to Düsseldorf by train. And somthing special happended! We were time travellers *lol*
this was the future @.@ 15th of August in 2031 * HAHAHA*
time travellers Kiki and me
In Düsseldorf we went to the OCS- Store to by lots of suff ^o^ Kiki bought the new february issues of "Popteen" and "Egg" and I bought the new "Ageha" issue. I also bought other cute stuff.
Ageha with an extra present. Overknee socks with pink ribbons *__*
the Ageha present
A strawberry mobile phone charm, strawberry rubber clocks and a small oreo-cookie-like mirror with comb
The OCS -store was overcrowded with people and there were so many people waiting for the puri mashine that we decided to come again to the store later on. (by the way: I saw Sui Princess, my favourite blogger ^^)

The "Bakery my Heart" was already closed and the restaurants we wanted to visit were not even opened... or full of people.  So we went to a tiny little café and ordert maccha latte *yummie*
Kiki and Michi had a look into their new magazines. Michi bought a fashion magazine for japanese career women ^.^
Our puris! It was the first time using a puri-cura mashine. I was overcharged.... we didn't know what to do LKSDUSNLNGCK...problem...but nevertheless it worked  after the first two puris ^o^

When we lost Düsseldorf by train Kiki got the idea to go shopping in Essen! She wanted to buy a fur leopard jacket from H&M that had a reduced prize in Berlin. But we didn't found it in the H&M stores in Essen -.-
at H&M
I bought that pair of black lace hotpants *___* I was searching for such a long time in the stores in Berlin for them!
Essen is so beautiful in Christmas/New Year times
In the evening we got the laugh atttack of the year XXDDD Kiki tried out her new cosplay makup for Yutaka as Miwa-san.
... ... ... ... ...

Kiki applying makeup

Yutaka -Golden Bomber- (the real one)  as Miwa-san XD

Next day n New Year's Eve another friend (Sato) came to us and we had a lot of fun!!!! We had funny Hello Kitty hats and horns XD Here is a collage of the pictuers.
we played games, watched funny videos and ate a lot ... somehow we didn't drink so much o.O
Sato drawed super cute pictures of the members of Golden Bomber for us ♥ I was so overwhelmed ♥__♥
my outfit

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