Jan 27, 2012

Never go shopping with boys...so exhausting

Hello my dear followers and all the others ^o^

Last weekend I met with my best friend Kiki for shopping. What a surprise >.< We go shopping very often! But there was a big surprise! We also met with her ex-boyfriend Gregor! They are still good friends but I've never met him before. First we had a break at Starbucks.

Raspberry Tea Frappuchino for me and cheesecake and Chai Latte for Kiki
Kiki and Gregor
He's kind of funny but my advice:  Really never go shopping with such a guy !!!... He walked so slowly through the shoppingcenter, never let off his smartphone, couldn't decide for any clothes without Kikis help, needed so much time for trying garments on, phoned Kiki always when she was not near to him, went to shops I never would attend tbc.... BUT HE complained about the time we spend in the changing room... 
I guess I know why I don't want such a boyfriend! Without it's less stressful ^o^

But nevertheless I bought some stuff ~haha
nice striped sweater at H&M
high-waisted hotpants with creases made of fake suede

also in stock in that raspberry-colour... but I decidet for the champagne-coulourd one
Kiki also liked it but she wanted to save money! Wow she's so consequent o.O
...I didn't buy this loose-fitting top with heart print... not sooo special
And other stuff...
This greying long cardigan is from a set of two cardigans for one prize ^o^ Kiki got the other one in camel-brown for our planned Ko-Gal shooting. It's from Tally Weijl.
This super cute glittering pink nail polish is from Mystica. You need to apply many layers before it gets non-transparent and pink. But then it's terrific ^o^
a scarf that's quite similar to a scarf  Kiryuuin-san is wearing sometimes >.<
my outfit: cardy, skirt, collar: H&M, oveknees: forever 18, boots: Jumex
Afterwards we tried the bubble tea in the shopping center Alexa. The bubble tea bar is called "Mister Bubble" And it was also very delicious ^o^
yoghourt grean apple with lychee topping - not my taste but Kiki liked it
mine was flavourd milk strawberry with mango topping - lucky that I've chosen this one >.< so yummie
Look at our skin o.O I'm so pale compared to Kiki ~haha 
In the end Gregor wanted us to come with him to a bowling alley. I love bowling! But there were just people that we absolutely didn't know and we had to wait so long for a free bowling alley....and the location was not our taste so Kiki and I decided to leave earlier!
bye bye~

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