Jan 12, 2012

Nadines Birthday and "Chen Ron Hen Gu"

Hello everyone ^o^
I just wanna show you some photos of my nieces (Nadine) birthday. It wasn't sooo exciting because this was just the family celebration and I didn't make many pictures....
But have a look yourself:
Nadine - sweet sixteen 
random pic of my family
my little niece Mareike - she is so cute
Mareike and me were playing wildly with these plush toys ^o^
my outfit
plushy collar : H&M (children's appartment)
knitted onepiece: H&M
golden tights: H&M
lace tights: Tally Weijl
belt: offbrand
fur legwarmers: Deichmann
white bow: selfmade
This was the first time I used the lashes I got at christmas from my niece.  But for me they are too much... I think...
all in all I think I wasn't much talented in doing my make up that day -.-
my outdoor outfit
coat: H&M
fur hat and gloves: Tally Weijl

By the way: "Golden Bomber" have a new album *_______* called "Golden Album" 
What do you think about this song? "Chen Ron Hen Gu" I'ts Chinese.... I was very irritated ... Kiryuuin-san looks like a mixture of Mulan and Mogli.... But it's very funny (^v^)
It's a parody of old Kung-Fu movies like with Jacky Chan! The song means "Jacky Chan is cool"... that's what Kiki found out XD But actually Kiryuuin-san isn't able to speak/sing Chinese/Kantonese XP

(By the way: I really would like to know weather there are some followers on my blog! I can see 5 Followers >.< thank you so much for following my blog <3 <3 <3 But are there others that maybe read the blog but didn't register? Im curious (^o^) Please write a commend if you read my blog X3 I would be very happy about!)
bye bye Gals ^.^

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