Jun 27, 2012

School girl dress up last Saturday

Hello ^o^
I hope you forgive me my last confusing post about my misfortune concerning Golden Bomber.....
This will be a usual weekend post ^o^°

This is my new twitter pic. It's a bit blurred but you don't recognize it in the very small size of the twitter avatar ^^° I like it a lot <3
OMG did you colour your hair??? Nooooooo haha~ it's just a wig

My saturday started as usual.
Doing my makeup....

but then I added a beauty spot, my brown lenses and a wig ^o^

I wanted to look like a kawaii school girl! Not gal.... just cute!....It was a try ^^°...

Kiki and I wanted to buy the new album of Golden Bomber... but this so called "worldwide release" is not available....
So we went frustrated eating something.

and shopping... without money ~haha^^°

aren't they gorgeous? but sooooo expansive -.-° 100€ at "Street"
okeeee I bought something..... this top "I FANCY THE  LEAD SINGER" was so matching with my obsession for Kirisho ~haha
top from H&M and cappy from Tally Weijl
Kiki could not decide between the lead singer and the drummer.... why aren't there slogans with guitarist and bassist????
at Tally Weijl: this bag is sooo funny XD but you have to be carefull what you put inside the bag...everybody might see it ~ haha
I liked the floral print of the top.... but actually I DON'T NEED IT .. so I didn't buy
in the train ^o^
And my overknee-lookalike tights have arrived ^o^ I hate waering real overknees... they always slide and squash my fat legs.... so these tights are a super alternative ^o^

I tried a new version to load up the photos here! 
Do you see any difference? Don't they show up so fast or something?
If not, I will continue this version...... my picasa web-album is full Q_______Q  Now I'd have to pay money for!....and I don't wanna!!!!!
Please tell me weather these photos work the same!

bye bye and chuuuu <3


Jallou said...

Keine ahnung, vll lag es auch an meinem Netbook, aber ich hatte das Gefühl es hing ein bischen bei den Fotos. Aber versuchs noch einmal, ich berichte dann XD

Kiki said...

Ich dachte auch, es liegt an meiner alten Klapperkiste...bei mir hats gleich alles entschärft *lol*...
Einmal hat er ca. 5 Minuten gebraucht, ehe ich scrollen konnte...heut früh issa gleich erstmal abgestürzt XD
Aber, wie gesagt, liegt sichi an meiner Steinzeittafel

Lau said...

Jallou und Kiki.... ich muss leider alle Bilder jetzt so hochladen....zuerst woanders hochladen und dann URL einfügen.... meine Webalben haben keinen Speicherplatz mehr..... entweder zahlen oder hackende Bilder? ich muss mich entscheiden Q________Q

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that "I fancy the lead singer" top?? I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

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