Aug 12, 2012

First day - Kyoto Downtown

Hello everybody ^o^

Today we were walking through Kyoto. We were checking the districts we haven't seen last year.
Michi called the tour Kyoto downtown ^^ 
Shopping arcades, fresh food "marked" (more or less a street) and Gion (traditional and Gheisha district).

breakfast ^^
my outfit
In front of Kyoto main station

We walked through small side streets...

...and arrived at the shopping arcades
in front of me: shops
behind me: a temple
The shopping streets are directly combined with traditional buildings. Very nice in Kyoto ^o^

I bought a nice dark red pleated skirt with fuffled underpants at "honeys" for 500Yen (ca.5€ *o*)

we found a "Pink-Latte" which I only know from Harajuku(Tokyo)
I bought two pairs of diamond lashes (50% reduced ^o^) there
I exchanged two pairs with Kiki ^^°
And I found my dream shoes which I expected to buy in Tokyo...^^° But now I found them in a shop in Kyoto downtown XD this shop o.O
I loooove them <3
fresh food market, the paradise for Michi XD
Later on we were walking through the very traditional district Gion^o^

Later in the evening I had Takoyaki ^o^
I love japanese food so much <3 <3 <3
and now I'll enjoy my milk tea and go to bed ^o^
bye bye ^o^


Jenny ♥ said...

OH GOTT DIE SCHUHE!!!! total toll!
Und schöne Bilder *_*

Kirschu said...

Aww Das ist so cool das du InTime bloogst da muss man nicht so lange auf Fotos warten :-)
KLingt als hättet ihr schon ein paar schönen Tage gehabt.
Die Schuhe sind echt cool *o*

tine said...

gott ich sehe derzeit soooviele blogs auf meinen dashboard die in japan sind... *auch will* T_T
der rock ist ja mal der hammer, auch die lashes und es ist echt toll das du bilder gleich on stellst. freu mich schon auf deinen nächsten posts