Aug 2, 2012

Old scans from Ranzuki and Popteen

Hello everybody ^^
Nothing special except sewing cosplays happens in my life ... so I have nothing to show you and to blog about...
But I don't want my blog to starve ^^°

So I decided to show you the scans I made some time ago from Ranzuki, Popteen, Ageha and Egg.
The magazines aren't new anymore (May to July).... but maybe some of you don't know every single issue and like the pages and outfits.

I start with Ranzuki (July issue)

lovely bikinis
casual olympics ^o^
super cute hairstyles
I somehow like the casual but cute coords presented in Ranzuki <3
summer feeling (wanna get sun tanned like this Q__Q)
sweet eye makeup
I'm looking forward to buy a new Ranziki in Japan <3 I like the magazine! The style is colourfull, fresh, cute but in a casual way! I like it a lot!
But sadly I don't get Ranzuki very often in Germany...

I'm going on with Popteen (June issue)

super lovely coords with Okari
Hikari is wearing the Golden Bomber X Hello Kitty T-shirt ^o^
unusual rocking and d.i.a.-like outfits in Popteen
cute and colourfull pop styles
Liz Lisa summer collection .... I don't like the pattern with the blue edging at all -.-°
sexy and adult stylings (Popteen shows a wide range of different styles in that issue! I like that.)
denim everywhere
I want such platform chucks which Mizuki is wearing in the middle!!!
cute and crazy hair styles ^o^
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-like styling
Kyary-like eye makeup
lovely twin coords
pop twin coord
Rie Matsuoka ~ my favourite Popteen model ^^°
 Popteen is and will remain my favourite magazine. Lots of roma and retro girly stylings but also with a variety of other gyaru styles! 

When I'm in Japan (flight starts August 10th) I will buy as many magazines as I can carry home ~haha no not really...*lol* but for sure a lot!!!

In the next post I will show you all the rest of the scans of the old Ageha and Egg issues.
bye bye <3 chu ~

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