Aug 9, 2012

Last post before Japan (very big post... lots of photos)

Hello gals ^^
This will be probably my last post before my journey starts *o*
 it starts on Friday... and I'm totally nervous right now!
I hope I have time to blog sometimes from Japan! Let's see what I can do ^^°

But here are a lot of photos from last week! I simply start with Friday.
I was shopping with my mom.
This was my outfit:  (at home and in the changing room of New Yorker)

As you can see in the background, New Yorker sells cross T-shirts right now <3 I looooove them.
But it was hard to decide for the colour. Available in white, dark grey, beige, dark red...

I bought: white for me and dark grey for Kiki <3
cross details: rhinestones
I could not resist buying this leopard dress! On sale at Orsay!

And I finally managed to buy brown shoes ^^ I was looking for brown shoes for such a long time. One pair of boots and one pair of buckled shoes. Both from C&A.

In between I want to show you some photos of the cosplays for Connichi! Everything is ready and I don't have to work on them in the one week after Japan and before Connichi.

my red lenses for Karin Cosplay
this is how my room was looking like last week ^^° what a mess
I'm so in love with these plushy hair ties for Kikis Cosplay
this is me trying to wear part of Kikis cosplay ^^°
lots of plushy details ^o^
and more details for Ling Xiaoyu Cosplay
panda backpack
The next 3 photos show my Lili de Rochfort Cosplay.

So, the next photos are from last Saturday.
I met with Kiki.
Here my outfit:

We ate at an Indian/Asian restaurant.

this is part of Kikis super cute gets ^o^
I like the "My little Pony" hairclips that Kiki bought even more than the ones I bought some time ago... both are from H&M (childrens department)
I bought a summery flower dress from H&M for 7€ ^o^

And Kiki bought these breathtaking platform wedges at H&M *o*

And here is finally my today's outfit when I went to buy the last important things for the journey!

So, now I have to hurry up to go to bed!!!
Tomorrow I have to pack (and fix) my suitcase!

Let's see how often I can blog directly from Japan!
I will be there for 3 weeks.
First we will be in Kyoto for some days, then in Nagoya for some days and the last 11 days we will be in Tokyo.

bye bye ~ chu <3


Victoria said...

Hi Lau ^^~
Das schwarze Kleidchen ist ja toll! Und die Cross-Shirts! OMFG! Aber ich will solche Dinger nur haben wenn die anders rum sind xD Weil es ja eig n christliches Symbol ist und ich mir nicht unbedingt so n normales Kreuz umbamseln will D:
& die braunen Schuhe sind auch schick! Schade dass es solche hübschen Schuhe nicht auch mal in Untergrößen gibt T^T"
Ich freue mich schon, wenn wir uns mal treffen in Berlin! <3
& dir ganz viel Spaß in Japan! Genieß es dort!!

Jenny ♥ said...

deine outfits sind total toll immer, ich liebe die!! wirklich *_* und die schuhe sind auch toll..
viiiiiiel spaß dir!

Lau said...

haha~ ist das dann nicht iiiirgendiwe Satanistisch XD ?

ja, in Schland hat man er schwer, wenn man nicht dem Durchschnitt entspricht....
ich wette in Japan bekommt man sowas auch in klein!!!

Ich freu mich auch ^o^
und dankeeeee ^^ ich werd's genießen <3

Lau said...

@ Jenny
vielen lieben Dank <3 freut mich wirklich, dass jemandem das gefällt was ich mache ^o^
Und Dankeeee <3

みえーちゃん said...

oh i have the same cross-shirt by new yorker XD and now i saw where you bought that cute dress <3
its so cuteeee