Aug 3, 2012

Scans from old Egg and Ageha

So, this is the rest of the scans I made two month ago!
As I told you in my last post.... they aren't new anymore but I want to show you the pages nevertheless!

lovely pastel coords
I love maxi dresses
some hairstyles
Satomin's cuteness is overwhelming @.@... like minnie mouse this time ~haha
light and pastel colours everywhere
Hostess battle ~haha
two different eye makeups (I don't like Himena's makeup that much here... the left eyemakeup pleases me more!)
nice ^o^

Egg (May issue)

Mirai Saito on the cover
I like the new faces of Egg
nice outfits
great styles
Street Groove
Street Groove
Kanako-made stylings ^^
I like all the outfits here <3
real street snap ^^

bye bye <3


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Victoria said...

Danke für die Scanns!! *__*
sind einige süße Outfits mit dabei!!