Aug 20, 2012

Day 6 - Arriving at Nagoya

Hello it's me again ^o^

It was really hard to leave Kyoto Q______Q I like the town and the hotel so much there... but Michi really wanted to have some time in Nagoya. So we had three night stays there.

outfit pic ^^°
Michi coming from her favourite backery in Kyoto
my heavy luggage
So we went with the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Nagoya.
We tried to explore the area around the train station and around our hotel... but Nagoya is not our favourite town.....nothing special...
Kiki even felt a bit uncomfortable and stressed in Nagoya...

The best thing we found that day was a super great 100Yen shop combined with a drug store where I bought some super nice items!

strawberry Pockys *o*, new lashes, new bigger lashes case, deco rhinestones, very light powder and very pink rouge <3
The next day we used for a visit of the Nagoya castle... so.... very tourist like tour ^^°
bye bye ~chu <3

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Kirschu said...

Ist das auf dem Outfit Foto schon der neue Rock?
Steht dir echt super <3