Aug 11, 2012

Flight, arrival and "first day" in Japan

Hello Everybody ^o^

I'm in JAPAN *o*
Finally Kiki, Michi and I are backt to Kyoto. <3 <3 <3
It's 23.30Uhr and I decided to show you some (boring ^^°) photos.

Kiki and I started Friday ca. 10.50 am in Berlin...

We awaited Michi in Frankfurt....ooooh my god... Michi arrived so damn late that we already thought we have to enter the plane without her -.-° stressssssss.....
Nice flight with usual airplane food and onigiriiii <3 <3 <3

We arrived at Kansai Airport (Osaka) at 8 am (japanese time) at Saturday!
We took the Haruka Express to Kyoto.

first horrible pic of Kiki and me after the flight... scruffy gammel-gammel-look XD
We already know Kyoto from our last stay last year. So it was no problem to find the hotel and to plan a refrehing stop in our favourit café "Café du Monde" (btw. Kikis blog got it's name from this café ^^°).

our refreshing drinks
The café is directly located in the Kyoto main station which looks monumental.

The weather is grey and rainy but it's so damn hot here!!!

this is our hotel room...
When we could check in at 2pm we where so tired we had to relax for some hours and sleep a little bit. So we were ready and refrehed in the evening to go to our small shopping mall "Neon Mall" to look for some items and to have a meal.

Michi and me ^o^ (touri-pic XD)
 We entered our beloved "food court"  and ate tempura and rice. Michi had udon. I was waiting for one year to eat this again Q_____Q I loooove tempura.

And I achieved all my goals what to buy for the "first day".

a magazine (Popteen), lower (offbrand... but inexpenive) lashes, and a styling iron for straightening and curling!
Let's see what tomorrow's things to come !
bye bye ~chu <3

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Rui said...

heey :3 du bist doch das mädchen, was aus kyoto zum treffen gefahren ist oder? nicht dass ich noch wen falschen hier anlaber XD war auf jeden fall nett dich kennen gelernt zu haben :3 adde dich mal xDDD