Jul 25, 2013

Small GG-Glitter meet-up in Cottbus

Hello gals <3

Last Saturday some girls of GG-Glitter and I went to Cottbus to meet Senja. She lives in Cottbus and why should she always come to Berlin? This time we visited her to have a little meet-up there ^o^

My look:

The hairstyle was not completely as I wanted it... but ok^^
As you can see, I'm really into neon yellow at the moment ^^°
make up
We started 11.40 am in Berlin and arrived 1pm in Cottbus^^
"We" means Hani, Kiki, Mao (who is ot in the circle) and me. In Cottbus we went to Senjas new flat where Senja and Goof were waiting for us ^^

her beautifully painted cherry tree^^
First we went to an asian restaurant 'cause we were hungry!!!
Hani and Kiki
Mao and Senja
Hani and me
plum whine for free ^^

Afterwards we went shopping a little bit! Cottbus is a small town and the shopping center (we called it Cottbus 109 XD) is just small. But who cares! It's always fun when you are surrounded by the right people no matter where you are!

my colour~ haha
haha~ massage chairs XD
in this small shop Senja and I bought earrings^^
These are the earrings that I bought!

group photo XD (Goof is missing~ she went to meet someone)
Senja and me~ beautiful girls are beautiful <3

on the way to a café
What's so funny girls? XD
my crèpe with ice cream <3
Kiki and me <3
Afterwards we went to a small park to make some outfit shots~ yeah <3

Hani and me and Senja, Kiki (middle) and Goof
Actually Goof was not wearing gyaru that day 'cause she also visited her mom. But she also took part in our outfit shooting <3

Senja wa wearing Ma*rs and La Pafait. Hani wore her new selfmade salmon tunic. Kiki was wearing a complete d.i.a. outfit <3

love you girls <3
 In the evening we went to a restaurant but I was still so full because of the crèpe so I didn't eat anything ^^°

In the late evening we went to a shisha/cocktail bar! We spend the evening there until it was time to leave Cottbus at 11pm.

my swimming pool <3
The bar ^^ For sure we were sitting outside! It's such nice and warm weather right now <3
fish-eye camera^^
bye bye Cottbus ^^
It was such a nice day <3 And Cottbus isn't even as bad as we expected~ haha
I already miss the girls! It's always so nice no matter how many people we are and where we are <3

bye bye ~ <3


Kirschu said...

Nice Make-up and outfit!
Recognized that top from the last post, it looks really good.
Seems like you guys had a lot of fun again!

Senja Sano said...

jahahaha es war so toll das ihr hier war ^^

Svea Lange said...

Ich enttarne mich dann mal als sonst stiller aber begeisterter Leser |'D

Weil ich muss das unbedingt loswerden:
Deine Haare sind der Hammer! (* - *)
Ich liebe sie und ich hätte so gerne auch so schön lange... und das Talent, sie so zu machen bitte auch gratis dazu |D ♥
Und ich mag dein Outfit auch total gerne :D Das neongelb steht dir wirklich gut und es ist so wundervoll sommerlich!

Ich finds total schön, dass ihr so eine tolle Gruppe habt :) Beneide euch ja ein bisschen ;)

Ich freu mich auf ganz viele weitere Blogeinträge * 0 * Ich freu mich jedes Mal, wenn ein neuer kommt, weil du so unglaublich kreativ bist bei denen Outfits ♥

Alles liebe,

Komachi said...

How did you always get your hair so fluffy? *envious* Q_Q
And I even thought about buying the shirt that you are waering from newyorker when I realised that you made this awesome back *-* (without this I didn't buy it xP)