Aug 5, 2013

My very first GIVEAWAY

Hello everybody ^^

On occasion of reaching more than 100 followers I show you my very first giveaway ^o^

How to participate:

1. You need to be follower of my blog (via google friend connect or bloglovin')
2. You have to write a comment under this post containing your name and mail adress minimum.
3. You get one extra point if you make a post about my giveaway in your blog. Put the photo above and a link to my blog in your post. 
4. You get another extra point if you post my giveaway photo on your facebook profile with a link to my blog.
Please give me the link to your blog-post and/or facebook-post in the comment you give me!

You get one month for this! So on the 5th of September it's over!

So you see...very easy. I will draw lots (very oldfashiondly) ~haha You get one lot (note with your name) when you just write a comment with name and mail adress. You get one lot more per blogpost and facebookpost each.
So the maximum of lots is 3.

Here is what the giveaway contains ^^

A selection of 5 different japanese upper lashes. (I just used the Diamond Lash box for it ^^°)
Nail covering stickers/tattoos in zebra print.
A set of satin scrunchie and hair bow. (Selfmade for you <3)
Two different pairs of earrings. Brown feathers....
.... and lavender roses.
Well it's nothing uber special but I want to say thank you (at least a little bit) to all of my followers. I'm happy about every comment you give me and I'm thankful that I got to know so many great blogs and persons through blogging ^o^
Thank you <3

GOOD LUCK! (I hope that some people take part >.<... I don't expect many but please some of you ^^°)

bye bye ~ chu <3


Rui said...

yeaiii~ Ich bin die erste XDDD

Name: Ronja

Ruki said...
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Ruki said...


hier die extra-werbe posts: (Im blog)

Auf Facebook:
(ist auf jeden fall für jeden öffentlich ^^)

Name: Anika

Catherine ❤ said...

Awesome giveaway! Thank you so much and congratulations on 100+ followers :)

Name: Catherine

Hani Tetsu said...

Ich versuch auch mal mein glück hihi

Name: Hani


Gitte said...

ich versuch auch mal mein Glück xD

Name: Gitte
E-Mail: (achtung!! AT = @)



wird auf jeden Fall noch veröffentlicht ;)

Brittany Massey said...

You are an awesome gal and I have become inspired by your style and makeup. I posted your giveaway to my blog ^^

Name- Brittany

Blog Post Link

Komachi said...

Mein erstes giveaway in dem ich teilnehme, yay ^^

Name: Komachi




^_^ *hoff*

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Hehe~I decided to participate in this giveaway too after I read all of your posts and decided to stick with your blog for a long time [[hehe...I actually found you on the GG Glitter blog and as you were my fave member , I entered on your blog ^^]].

Name : Soubi
Mail :

Miya Skellington said...

Voll toll *__* Dann will ich auch mal mitmachen~

Name: Miya (GFC: Miyalicious)
Mail: oshare-kei(at)

Svea Lange said...

Ein süßes Giveaway * - * Ich kommentier zwar nicht so oft (weil ich nie weiß, was ich schreiben soll...), aber ich würde trotzdem gerne mit machen ♥

Name: Svea
E-Mail: sveayouna[at]googlemail[dot]com