Aug 30, 2013

GG-Glitter - summer meet-up

Hallo gals <3

Last Saturday our gyaru-sa GG-Glitter had a big meet-up. It was kind of the "end-of-summer-meet" and it was also our jubilee meet-up. Really! The circle was founded in August 2012!
Happy birthday GG-Glitter ^o^

I start as always: my outfit ^^

I was wearing the second d.i.a. top Kiki brought me from Japan.
I sewed the trousers myself the day before.

I definitely payed much attention to my hairstyle thad day! All the pink and black/purple strands in my extensions are coloured with HAIR CHALK. It took such a long time -.-°.... Luckily I did this already two evenings before the meet XD

This was my eye-make up - I used my new circle lesnes!
me in the train ^^
We met around 1pm in front of the J-store. Of course we wanted to do purikura!!! ^o^

waiting for the last ones to arrive
Tama and A-chan arriving (right background) XD

When we finally all had arrived we were really 9 people from GG-Glitter!!! Applause ^o^ We were a really big group plus Mao and another friend who are both not in the circle.

The very first act were group photos!
oh Kiki (right)...what are you doing??? -.-°
left to right: Alice, Tama, Goof, Thanan, Hani, me, Kiki, Senja (A-chan is missing here~ A-chan did this photo ^^ thank you <3)
Aren't we beautiful? XD
Suddenly a strange girl came by and was talking confusing stuff: "No I won't marry the price of England...blah blah blah" o.O
Time to flee from the strange girl into the J-store and do purikura!!!
We spend around two hours in the J-store! It took so long until everybody had done their puris! ^^°
We really managed to do puris with all 9 of us~ haha

waiting... Goof ~ haha
faces en masse ~ haha
We are brilliant! We all fit on the puris !!!~ haha
Senja decorating
I was also decorating XD
We did several other puri-rounds. Two by two, in a threesome, in a group of four.... and so on^^°

Senja and Mao
Senja and Goof (seems as Senja almost decorated all the puris~ haha)

even Kiki and Thanan decorated !!! (Kiki actually is a real purikura-prune^^°)
Alice, Thanan and Tama
Finally I made puris with Senja, Goof and Hani <3
Here is a short video of us four in the purikura photobooth!

Phew!!!!..... Enough purikura for the day!!!!

We planned to do a picknick afterwards! So we waited for the bus to bring us to Charlottenburg palace garden.
Unfortunately Alice and A-chan had to leave ...Q____Q

waiting for the bus
It was so damn hot! We had super great weather!!! 
arrived ^^
on a meadow we set our camp
Everybody had to bring something for the picknick. We had so much yummie stuff <3

Senja and me fighting with our lightsaber chopsticks
good against evil~ me against the dark side of the force!!!
We had a lot of new ideas for our gyaru-sa and future meets! We talked and laughed so hard <3 It was super nice ^o^

wow~ soooo many puris
btw. my matching toenails ^^
Of course we also did our obligatory outfit shots! 
Senja, Thanan, Kiki, Alice
Goof, Hani, Tama, me
In the end of the day we went to a cocktailbar.

train photo ^^
... and more photos in the train..... it's never boring when you have a camera XD
We had a lot of cocktails...
.... and a lot of wasps the whole day (this one even got drunken after drinking from Tamas "Red Tiger"~ haha)
And we had a lot of good and bad jokes and topics below the belt, silly toilet photos, jerky table neightbours, Kanons curls, the dark side of the force, 0815 leck mich am Arsch, speeddating with Senja, Atzen-glasses, silly ideas of meet ups in Japan and how to finance...... you see XD suuuper funny and...not understandable for you .....

 It was such a nice day and evening!!!!

It was late in the evening when we left the bar and late after midnight when I came back home.
without extensions.... sooo tired
That's it!
I'm so happy to be part of GG-Glitter! It's always so funny and I really love all the girls <3 Can't wait for the next meet-up <3

bye bye~ chu


mistymysterious said...

Toller Report! <3 Und dein Haarstyling für den Tag echt super. Gefällt mir richtig gut. Das muss aber wirklich ganz schön viel Arbeit gewesen sein, oder!?

Das klingt wirklich nach einem tollen Tag. Allein schon durchs Lesen bekommt man Lust auf Picknick und Co. xD

Ducky said...

Deine Haare sind der Hammer *^*

Kuri said...

Deine Haare sind wirklich wunderschön. Ich bin echt neidisch!
Und zum Treffen; es sieht wirklich spaßig aus mit euch. Es freut mich, dass ihr euch so gut versteht. ^^

lg Kuri

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

Awww~Such a nice meeting <3. Happy Birthday to GG-Glitter ^^. You looked fabulous as always <3.

Momo~ said...

Happy Anni to GG-Glitter! おつハムニダ!

Catherine ❤ said...

Ahh your hair and outfit is absolutely stunning!!! *__* Like always hehe ^^ <3

Miya Skellington said...

Glückwunsch zu eurem 1. Geburtstag. ^^
Dein Outfit finde ich echt genial, aber deine Haare sind einfach nur der HAMMER!!! *__* Wow, das sieht einfach so krass gut an dir aus!!

リカ said...

おめでとうございます GG Glitter! ♪(v^_^)v