Oct 15, 2013

Meeting friends/ outfits/ puris

Hello gals ^^

It's autumn.... and it's getting colder and colder -.-°
This autums most popular print is definitely houndstooth.
So I could not resist buying a houndstooth skirt. It's definitely very elegant and mature (for onee styles)! Generally onee styling is very popular this season!

And look what my mom found! Her earrings from the 80's. They are gorgeous *o* Very elegant but flashy!

This was my outfit when I met Kiki and Michi to go for a meal.
Just one evening before the anime/manga convention MMC started.

impossible to take good photos in this light.....
One day after the convention I met Sato. She wanted to give me all her cosplayphotos (from Connichi and MMC) and it was a chance to do puris with Sato XD

my outfit

It was the first time I typed in my "name" for decoration of the puris! ...Sato just typed in...eeeeh random hiraganas.~ haha we laughed so hard XD

Rau=Lau... but Akukomi.... ~ haha Sato what did you do? ~ so funny
Sato waiting for the puris ^^
kakaka....D.O.S.. "Sket Dance" insider XD
We're both called Laura and most often on photos we're looking like the good and the evil sister XD~ so that's an insider, too XD
But we both can be cute as well <3 (rau&akukomi o.O...)
eeeh... that's again a "Sket Dance" insider XD

Somehow these are my favourite puris so far XD It was sooo funny ~ haha

Afterwards we went "otaku shopping" in the J-store and at Neo Tokyo (no I didn't buy anything)... and then ate Udon at "Susuru".
loooove Udon <3
no evil Lau this time^^
It was a really nice afternoon (we just met after my work). So it was a super conclusion of an exciting convention weekend in Berlin.
I will blog about the convention MMC in the next posts!!!

and in the end....
What ever this is... I just had to laugh ~ haha STAR WURST (wurst means saussage)
bye bye~ chu <3


Amaya Yume said...

star wurst XDDDD ahahahah

well, sounds like fun! *__*
Your outfits were SO pretty!
I like the onee style on you very much *-*

AtomicNony said...

I love your first outfit ♥

Rukipe said...

the puris are so cute! *-*
like your outfit there! :)
looks like winter can come!

テレザ said...

Sehr schöne und lustige Bilder^^ wow der Puriautomat sieht ja richtig neu und modern aus (o.o;) In Düsseldorf hatten wir nur die ganz alten :(
Aber cool dass man doch noch in Dland Puri machen kann^^