Oct 13, 2013

Meeting my friend Aurora and Purikura

Hello everybody ^^

This will be just a very short entry because I have no idea how to combine these photos with another topic.....^^°

Some time ago I met my fellow student Aurora. We both have our internship semester right now so we don't meet very often at the moment. She's starting her internship in London in some weeks and I already started mine in Berlin.

So it was a really nice idea to do purikura before we split up ^o^

Aurora is always dressed up very colourfull so I wanted to match her colours and decided for this outfit with really radiant colours.

with pompom hairstyle ^^
I really like the loud colours of the puris^^
Aurora never did purikura before but she's a big fan of the ordinary german photo booths. So she really enjoyed it!

Actually that's it XD
bye bye <3


Amaya Yume said...

aww both of you are so cute! your outfit was wonderful, and your hair is awesome! x3

ゼリー Hime said...

that's such a cute outfit! and you look so cute with those big dangos!

Svea Lange said...

Hach ich liebe deine Haare Q 3 Q Die sind jedes mal anders und jedes Mal so toll!
Und ich freu mich jedes Mal, wenn du was neues postest * - * :D

Lau said...

@Amaya Yume
thank you ^o^

Lau said...

@zeri - Hime
haha~ dangos <3 thank you so much ^o^

Lau said...

@Svea Lange
vielen lieben Dank <3
ich geb mir Mühe möglichst immer abwechslungsreich zu sein! sonst wird mir das selbst zu langweilig!~haha