Oct 31, 2013

MMC Sunday - Digimon Cosplay

Hello everybody^^

Let's quickly get the last cosplay post over and done with!!!
I'm sure you're not that interested in my cosplay activities.... but anyway let's start!

On MMC Sunday I met with my friend Kirschu to cosplay from "Digimon Adventure Zero Two"
I was cosplaying Miyako (Yolei) and she was cosplaying Takeru (T.K.).

I've often cosplayed this character! Back in my Digimon-Cosplay-Days (around 2-3 years ago) I've already done this character in 4 different outfits...
So this outfit is from the 4th Movie [Diaboromon Strikes back]. So this is my 5th Miyako cosplay!

still at home
here you can see a little bit of my make up
Kirschu and me ^^
Before noon we watched a showgroup.
Kira Kira Hikaru and their new One Piece play
I'm not a One Piece fan but I enjoyed it! Two friends of mine are in the group! They all did a great job!

Inbetween we strolled through the sales rooms and ate something, met friends.... and so on!
Sato, Nelly and Kirschu
Sato then decided to make a photoshooting with us. She has a good camera!
So now this is a cosplay photo spam:
Who is taking pictures of whom?
I like Satos cosplay ^^ ~yo katsurap (it's from Gintama)
I bought this cute candy necklace:

bye bye ^^
I hope I can soon show you outfit posts again and my new autumn/winter gets and post about our last GG-Glitter gyarusa meet up!!!


Honey Tan @ ihearthoneytan.com said...

Too cute you actually look like the character!!! :D

Lau said...

@Honey Tan
thank you so much <3

Miya Skellington said...

Ich liebe Digimon *__*