Oct 26, 2013

MMC Saturday - Golden Bomber cosplay

Hello hello^^

So this is the second post about the Mega Manga Convention weekend in Berlin.
I spend Saturday again with Michi and Kirschu but this day Kiki also came with us! So we were complete as Golden Bomber.
We decided to wear our Memeshikute outfits again^^

But first we went to J-Store again to do Purikura in our Golden Bomber cosplays ^^ We often had that idea before but now we had the chance with the puri booth in Berlin *o*

Kirschu as Jun and Michi as Kenji in the tram ^^°
cool Kiki "Kyan Yutaka" xD
last styling check up before entering the store
teddy bear Kiryuuin Shou...^^°
o.k. this is actually the complete cosplay ^^°...the "beautyful" sequinned suit...
face... (one of the contacts was looking creepy here ^^°)
First lap purikura

And guess who we met at J-Store? Without a fixed date? Out friend Sato XD She just wanted to come to the convention on Sunday.
So we met her already one day before regardless of the convention~ haha

Sato and her big shot cam XD
~wow Kiki is decorating XD actually she just hates purikura XD but Golden Bomber purikura was fun for her, too^^

derp me~
But we weren't satisfied already with these puris... so we did a second lap!

decorating again and again ^^°...
At J-Store there was a small tombola! For doing purikura you could win something!

We weren't lucky to win another purikira lap... but we won these panda sweets <3
guitar solo Kyan Yutaka <3
on the road~
I actually don't have many photos from the convention itself ^^°.... As we have already worn these cosplays before we did not need super photos...
but here are some:

we sat down and relaxed a little
I had a super Yummie bubble tea <3
The bubble tea tasted like a soda we often bought in Japan (we always called it "Naruto Brause"...sorry for the insider XD)
The bubble tea tasted like this! (old photo from last year japan)
... Everywhere I went I lost these sequins...^^°....Shou was there!!!! XD
In the end of the day we decided to go to the photo corner!
waiting for the photo shooting
 So we got these super cool photos~ haha

That's it ^^ 
We had a super nice time as Golden Bomber again!
 But I really hope it was the last  time wearing this horrible sequinned suit~ haha..... it's uber ugly, I feel like a children's wizard,  it scratches between the legs and you are permanently loosing sequinnes XXDDD  But apart from that it is a super nice cosplay^^°

bye bye~ chu <3


Rukipe said...

Das sieht so hammer aus!! XDD
God ich liebe euch alle für diese Cosplays, sind wirklich gut geworden! Und die Posen..XD
Well done everybody!! *^*

Miya Skellington said...

Die Band is so gar nicht meins, aber ich muss gestehen, dass die Cosplays einfach nur der Hammer sind!!! Und die Idee in denen Puris zumachen finde ich auch total cool ^^

Lau said...

dankeschöööön <3 Golden Bomber rocken!!! XD

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
dankeschööön dass dir die Cosplays gefallen, obwohl die Originale gar nicht deins sind ^^
jaaaa cosplay-puris sind toll <3