Oct 24, 2013

MMC Friday - GALS! Cosplay

Hello everybody^^
I finally managed to edit all my photos of the MMC (Mega Manga convention) in Berlin 2 weeks ago.
...in between I have so many new photos to edit -.-°.... why does it never end???

...So let's quickly start with the convention Friday.
it was a bridge day after a holiday in Germany so me and some of my friends had a day off and were able to attend the convention.

We decided again to cosplay Super Gals ! (GALS!)
me as Kotobuki Ran
heavy eye make up

 It was really cold! But I think the outer coord matches the charecter perfectly!!! ^o^

 The convention took place in Berlin and we were cosplaying GALS!  What's more suitable than doing Purikura in our cosplays? Nothing! So we did! ~ haha

So first Michi, Kirschu and me met at J-Store for purikura and then afterwards went to the convention!
Unfortunately we were just Ran, Aya and Mami.... Miyu was missing and Mami is more of a rival... but hey... we are cool nevertheless XD

Afterwards we went to the convention itself.
wow~ what a giant waiting queue
But time went by when we chatted and ate some mochis... and suddenly the line was not that long anymore and we could enter!

the Fontane-Haus.... like under construction...
But look at this: the house is wearing this autumn's most popular print: houdstooth *o*
The very first thing we did was: eating a crèpe !!! Crèpestation was there^^

Harajuku crèpe for GALS! ^o^
We were strolling all around the convention. But as it was already late (the con opened just 3pm) we used the light ouside to take a lot of cosplay photos!
Here are some of them!
Kirschu as Honda Mami-chan
Michi as Hoshino Aya
a GALS life~ haha
jumping ^^
It was a really nice and relaxing convention day. I guess Friday is always the most relaxing day!
we were doing some entries in our conhons (write down all the insiders and drawing some chibis is my speciality~hah)
at home again
bye bye~ chu <3


Astralys Alias Nini said...

Yay ! I really love super Gals ! You're so pretty and fun in this cosplay. I miss to see so much Gals like this <3. Kisses !!

Catherine ❤ said...

Omg I love Gals! Love the cosplay it looks great :D

Miya Skellington said...

Das Cosplay steht dir echt gut. ^^

Lau said...

@Astralys Alias Nini
thank you so much^^ and nice to hear you like super Gals, too ^o^

Lau said...

~yeah I read on your blog the article about super Gals. I can remember that you really like the show^^
I'm glad you like the cosplay ^^

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
dankeschöööööön <3

Renoyuki said...

OMG~ Ich liebe den Manga und Anime von GALS! Und du siehst so genial klasse aus als Ran! Sie ist meine lieblings Gal in dem Manga. ^^ I love it! ^-^

Abbie said...

Thank you so much for cosplaying such a flawless Ran! Ran Kotobuki is seriously one of my favorite anime heroines, and Super Gals is one of my favorite series ever!

You've done an amazing job!