Oct 14, 2013

New nails/ my work/ cocktail evening with friends

Hello everybody^^

Finally after such a long time I got my nails done!!!
I'm often working at the computer at work and so I decided to shorten my nails! 

it's a really simple design but I like the colour ^^

Right now I'm doing my internship at a small fahion brand here in Berlin. It's for my clothing technology studies!
I issue inventory lists, I enter prizes into the system, have got to do with the preparation of new collections or the organisation of the production and sometimes I'm even sewing some garments.
I'm working at the atelier.

But one weekend we did a special event. It was a direct sale at the atelier. So I had to work on Saturday, too. I had to host and entertain the customers...^^° Elegant, seasoned ladies with a preference for champagne! ~ haha

my workplace
my look that day
It was really exhausting.
But in the end of the day I met up with Kiki, Hani and Mao for drinking cocktails ^o^

so it was a really nice finale of the day
me and Hani <3
Mao, Kiki and me (Mao was looking like... what her cocktails was called XD...)
My favourite cocktail is "Swimming Pool" but I also tried the "Raspberry Mojito" *o* ~wow damn good!!!

bye bye~ chu <3


Amaya Yume said...

Looks like it was fun x3 Your outfit was so cute *__*

Kiki said...

Oh...es geschehen noch Wunder...ich seh mal gut auf einem Foto aus o___O

Du siehst natürlich immer toll aus, Spatzi ~<3

Anygays~ ick freu ma auf nächstes WE!

~*NeNe*~ said...

oh deine nägel sind so süß und dein outfit ist so toll!!!! :3
macht sicher spaß bei deinem praktikum!! sieht zumindest sehr interessant aus :D
liebe grüße <3